Saturday, 30 April 2011

Match Results

Match Results (A little late but Ben Foote needs a wee every 10 minutes on bus trips home)

Prospect 1 - 1 Ulverstone

Devonport 2 - 1 Burnie

Somerset 0 - 3 Launceston City

Launceston United 2 - 3  Northern Rangers

Feel free to post your own match reports.


  1. Before anyone else says it I will give a very brief account of Ulvie v Knights. We were pretty ugly today. Not sure how we salvaged a draw. Not even sure who scored our goal. Prospect played the better football, their only down point was they didn't create may clear cut chances. We were very lucky to get a point.

  2. at least you are honest - thought you desrved it though.

  3. Time for Benny to have a lend of his dad's "Depend" supply!

  4. I Would like to just point out something from this quote by Adam Whitemore, Rangers coach:

    "Bart and Luate are standouts. All over the field they are fairly athletic and physically competitive."

    And it just happened to be those two who scored as well :)

    referee was pretty good I must say

    Anyway the game was good although rangers controlled the tempo for long periods, United Lead 2-1 at one point for some time. But rangers got two peneltiesto overturn the 2-1 score to 3-2.

    Rangers Supporter

  5. Wow, you're so clever Adam, you don't have to tell us all tho, we already know

  6. Southern Referee - currently on the Reserves panel in South. Good to hear he had a good game.

  7. Wheels falling off Somerset !!!

  8. Gee Mr Owen must be great too, as head said to watch Croswell!

    What a stupid comment anon 14.30 or should I say Adam! Lol

  9. Paper tells me that Burnie let a 1-0 lead slip against a 10 man Devonport at home. That's gotta hurt! What happened?

  10. devonport v burnie was a real hard fought local derby with some very strange decisions which could have impacted a different result.

    as you can imagine devonport had there backs to the wall for long periods however some great fight and determination saw them hold burnie out and scramble a winner against the odds.

    sure devonport will take plenty confidence from this and i am sure burnie will once again regret one that got away.