Thursday, 21 April 2011

Launceston United's Resurrection

Resurrections are normally saved for Easter Sunday, but for Launceston United, their resurrection came three days early after defeating Launceston City 2-1 last night in the qualifying round of the Lakoseljac Cup.

Launceston City went 1-0 up after Anthony Marci put the home side ahead. City dominated the first half but failed to show this supremacy on the score board and went into the half with a one goal lead.

United levelled the score with half an hour to go through a well taken goal by Nathan Bartlett. It was finally time for United to take advantage of being in a winning position, something they have failed to do for quite some time. Cam Leonard was the hero for United when he came off the bench and scored the winner with 10 to go. The goal came with a touch of controversy as the goal was scored whilst a City player was downed and injured.

Launceston City will be looking to wipe this game from the memory bank and focus on the respectable performances they have had so far in the league.

I remember an anonymous post on the now defunct ‘The Local Game’ saying that United’s only chance of a win was against Ulverstone in the first round of the NPL. To that person, you were wrong! I hope you’re not a gambling man!


  1. Thanks to those who sent posts of the score. I might need to add a Launy Based moderator. If you're interested let me know.

  2. as a neutral spectator, was a horrible game to watch. Was good to see united get up as they were playing the better football to watch. Both teams were pumping it long and looking for the killer pass as soon as they reached the final 3rd, but i suppose that is all you can do when everyone is running away from you everytime.

  3. whats your name neutral spectator ?? im sure your a great player..

  4. Bigger concern is that a club linesman was required in a statewide premier league cup match in Launceston on a thursday night..surely clubs need to do something to recruit officials..Its a really sad state of affairs..

  5. I was at the game and not involved with either club. The games was exciting in that Lonnie were hunting for their first serious win for a long long time and all the non city people were cheering them home.

    As far a a football sepctacle goes, that it was not, lots of turn overs and long bombs.

    Well done Lonnie United on your first win however.

    Did the young lads know the club song??