Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Statewide Cup Draw

Taroona v Riverside Olympic

South Hobart v Kingborough Lions United

Olympia Warriors v Ulverstone

Glenorchy Knights v New Town Eagles

Prospect Knights v Northern Rangers

Nelson Eastern Suburbs v Burnie United

Tilford Zebras v Clarence United

Devonport City v Launceston United

Interesting Draw! Bus companies must be on strike down south!


  1. Hmmm....are the Southerners seeded?! A strategy to ensure no forfeits??! Oh well - at least Ulvy get a chance to play on the shagpile! Thank goodness Big L isn't playing - he would have third degree carpet burns!!

  2. Not one South team got drawn to travel out from the only place where apparently soccer matters! No suprise