Saturday, 16 April 2011


Ulverstone 1 - 3 Rangers

River 3 - 0 Burnie

Somerset 3 - 0 Laun Utd

Devonport 1 - 4 Prospect


  1. thanks Nick, for puttinmg these up. have been waiting to hear results. much appreciated mate. still hanging to hear the Dev v Knights score. Keep up the good work mate.

  2. Knights won 4-1 against a very ordinary looking Port team.

    Burnie are gone as a contender, wont recover from 3 down. Another member of Johnson family gets his marching orders for calling the ref a cheat. 3 weeks for him no doubt, 4 games and 3 send offs what is in the water at Montello.

    This years title will be won by Knights or Rangers.

  3. Match reports anyone? For the 2 games at Valley Road? Nick?...Captain Aus?

  4. you don't often say it but dev were ordinary. the long ball doesn't work but hey keep doing it. kenny slowing but still good enough just play to him properly. knights played realy well fact. matty sessay had his way with the dev back line. croswell who? again. good goals all around dev hit the bar a couple of times also.

    good lights, good ground and a good night

  5. Rangers match report is posted each week (usually Sunday) at

  6. what is going on at burnie un-united. who would have guessed that another emu was sent off. shocking from the top down. i look foward to seeing what peter has to say about it.

  7. does any1 no why the game between the two launie city womans team was cancelled?

  8. Peter did not travel with Burnie this time as I am going away for 6 weeks and had to sort out a few things.AS for another send off I am bitterly disappointed if that is what happened and some discipline is required.
    I did though watch the game at Somerset and that brought memories of my young age playing for the village team.Not a good game to watch as both teams played bad football.Somerset used their chances but United seemed very uncoordinated in all areas.Chris Smith was a shadow of himself possibly he has not adjusted to their system of play yet.
    Off overseas Monday morning and see you again in June.
    Will be following developments from there.
    In the meantime behave yourselves.
    Peter Christofi.

  9. shite weather on a water logged pitch

  10. Excellent day at Valley Road with the double header good crowd, with a fair contingent of Rangers and Ulvies guys hanging around to watch the main game.

    Knights were excellent and whilst taking nothing away from them, Devonport were very poor. Sesay excellent causing Shack many a head ache.

    Rangers did what they had to do against a well organsied Ulvie outfit, who will take points off plenty of teams this year.

    Well done FFT on suggesting the gala day and well done Devonport on a well run day.

  11. anon 5:09...this will stop rangers from stacking their div 1 side as they usually do! we've seen seniors and ressies play consistently in their sides all year!