Wednesday, 6 April 2011

This Week's Fixtures

Some mouth-watering fixtures this weekend! Give us your predictions. Coaches comments will be posted tomorrow around 5.30pm

Rangers             vs            Knights                 NTCA                     2.30
On this site's poll these are the two favourites to be top after round 9 and would also probably be the two favourites for the title. The winner of this game will probably be favourite for the title.

Somerset           vs            Riverside              Cardigan St            2.30
Big win against the Strikers last week and the probable addition of Chris Smith will have the Sharks up and about. Riverside will be looking to sure up there defence after conceding 4 against an improving Launy City. At the start of the year you would have said River to win easily but now I'm not so sure.

Burnie                vs            Ulverstone           Montello                2.30
Burnie will be disappointed with last week's effort and will be looking to bounce back this week against the Reds. Time will tell as to what impact Chris Smith's departure will have but one would expect them to come out firing this week. The Reds will be hoping their week off hasn't halted there run of good form and a win against Burnie will perhaps have rivals taking a bit more notice.

Laun Utd            vs            Laun City              Birch Ave               2.30
These are the only two teams yet to register a win so both teams would fancy their chances of getting the first one on the board. United pushed River all the way last week and you would expect them to be even more desparate this week. City would have had mixed feelings after last week's draw against Rangers. Most would consider a draw a good result but a win was there for the taking.

Devonport          Bye


  1. On paper (or on the monitor) some tight games. Never one for predictions but I'll give it a go for your entertainment.

    Knights 2 Rangers 1
    Sharks 3 Riverside 1
    Burnie 2 Ulverstone 2
    United 2 City 3

    Do your worst!

  2. Not sure I'd say a win way there for the taking for City. Rangers had heaps of chances and the better of the game. City had a couple of chances only. City goalie had a great game and saved the day. City did well tho.

  3. Rangers 2 Knights 2
    Somerset 0 Riverside 2
    Burnie 1 Ulverstone 3
    Laun United 1 Laun City 3

  4. Rangers 4 Knights 2 - Mati Sessay 2 Goals
    Somerset 0 Riverside 3
    Burnie 2 Ulverstone 3 - Mixed results for burnie after two games, ulvie win
    Laun United 3 Laun City 2 - launie two strikers v. riverside to cause city big problems, macri 2 goals

  5. rangers 4 - 1 knights rangers ball movement will win this
    set 2 - side 3 either way
    burnie 4 - ulvie 2 (brem to smash a hatrick)
    launie 2 - city 4 can't see too many teams beating city, as they stack the back line with a 5v3v2 lineup.


  6. Rangers v Knights should be a good quality match and even though Rangers should dominate possession and try to play like millionaires, they can't finish to save themselves. Looks pretty at times but scoring goals is what counts and Knights will have enough chances to make them pay and possibly put them out of contention this early in the season.
    Riverside should get over Somerset even without Hughes. Somerset got Dev on an off day I reckon and although will be competitive, River should have too much quality.
    The same could be said for Burnie and Ulvie. Burnie too much quality and although Ulvie sit top it's too early for them to get too excited.
    City and Launceston should be another close one. Probably not a great quality match but there should be goals scored. Result will be determined by the respective keepers.

  7. rangers 1 - 3 knights
    Sharks 4 - 2 riverside
    burnie 2 - 3 ulvie (no kaimon, cocks or smith)
    launie 2 - city 1 1

  8. meant to be launie 2 city 1 not 11

  9. No pretending im not biased , but i firmly believe that the Knights will win this week and that both teams will take away the same scoreline as they achieved last week.I have no belief that Riverside are a one man team, i do however believe they are poor defensively and to lose hughes will only compound thier problem, so Sharks 2-1.Burnie do have one of the poorer reserve teams so to cover the further loss of Cocks and Smith ,its not going to happen.I aint any City lover but thier team is not as bad as I would like it to be.And theres no way that the Lonnie boys will be able to keep Macri and Throup out for too long, so for mine lonnie will remain winless at this stage. I do however wish them well.

  10. anon 15:08

    the millionaires bagged 3 today BANG