Tuesday, 26 April 2011

This Week's Games

This week's Games

Launceston United v Northern Rangers           Birch Ave
After an uplifting victory in the Milan Lakoseljac Statewide Cup and a stirring rendition of a club song last heard years ago, Launceston United will be looking to make hay while the sun shines against ladder leaders Rangers. They will have their work cut out for them though as Rangers will be looking to crush the enthusiasm early on, and they certainly have the fire power to do so. You’d be a brave man to tip Launy Utd but stranger things have happened.

Prospect Knights v Ulverstone              Prospect Park
Both teams have had solid starts to the season and a win to either team will have them sitting either top or second with a game in hand on Rangers. Containing Sessay will be a huge challenge for the Reds, however they have an equivalent player in Michael Grey that Prospect will need to monitor closely.

Burnie United v Devonport City            Montello
The outcome of this game will probably draw the most interest as they are two teams who were in most people’s top four predictions and haven’t got off to the start they might have expected. A win for Devonport will put them back up in to top 4 calculations and leave Burnie a long way off the pace with their title aspirations shot and a top 4 finish looking unlikely. A Burnie win will give the squad the confidence it certainly needs to push into top 4 contentions.

Somerset Sharks v Launceston City        Cardigan St  
Both teams were knocked out of the Statewide Cup over Easter and they were two games that both sides would sooner forget. The Sharks put on a toothless display against Hobart Olympia going down 8-1. They will be looking to go from Gummy’s to Great White’s against City, whom were disposed of 2-1 by Launy Utd.

Riverside Bye
Troy Scott’s voice box will receive a welcome rest this week.


  1. do you actually believe that michael grey is the equilavent of sessay?

  2. He hasn't proven it yet but he will. That's my opinion anyway... I rate Sessay and Grey highly.

  3. Rangers 4 - 2
    Prospect v Ulerstone 3-2 ( Very Close game that could go either way)
    Deonport 3-1
    City 2-1


  4. sorry big man saw michael grey in the shc and nuh. sessay carries a fair bit in his armoury.look forward to having a beer with you fellas at the weekend.

  5. Sessay far from his best, watch out when he pulls it together !!!

  6. Why all this talk aobut Sessay isnt he the same player he was last year??

  7. Sessay looks a much better play this season. Improved decsion making is the biggest change. He used to take on players, beat them, go back and beat them again, then lose possession. Not any more

  8. Rangers 5 - 1. Todd will call the plays and Hunt will hit a brace.

    Ulv 1 - 0. Close game, but Ulv will show they are here to push for title.

    Burnie 3 - 2. Tough game. Burnie at home. Dev could pack there bags with another loss.

    City 2 -0. Will hit back after there loss. Macri likes playing at Somerset

  9. Rangers 1 v Lton 2 Big upset !
    Knights 4 - 0 Ulverstone - Croswell hat trick
    Dev 5 - 1 Burnie - Devonport were ok against Knights, Burnie lost the plot
    City 3-1 Somerset, Somerset wont get over 8-1 lose quickly

  10. anon 15:39 - worst tips ever

  11. Rangers 3-1 Lton
    Knights 3-2 Ulverstone - hard to split these two
    Dev 1-2 Burnie - kaimon back in should see a Burnie win
    City 2-4 Somerset,

  12. Somerset concede a screamer of a goal to fantasy strike by Macri bit hard to come back from that so early on