Saturday, 23 April 2011

Sharks Out Of Statewide Cup

Sharks have suffered a demoralising defeat at the hands of a far superior Olympia Warriors outfit, going down 8-1. Bobby Eaves scored the Sharks lone goal in the 86th minute.


  1. Somerset were the worst team i have seen in a while at that level. Worst goalkeeper in the state. Some good kids coming through, why was bobby waves stuck at the back all game?
    I found this on a southern blog, they are so up themselves down there

  2. The young lad in goals for Somerset pulled off some nice saves against Ulvie in our league game earlier this season. Might have had an off day but he has only been in goals a short while so he is still learning. For them to say that about him is poor form as they have only seen him play once. Keep your head up, Pooley! feel free to use this line that former state keeper Matthew Rhodes pinched off another keeper... "It got past ten of you before it got to me!"

  3. NIck

    He did not appear to even have some of the basics - has anyone bothered to provide him with some keeper specific training or does their keeper training consist of simply taking shots at him at the end of training? Goal kicks were taken by the defenders putting them on the backfoot every time.

  4. Somerset were in a similar position to us in that it wasn't until one of our on-field players put his hand up to keep that we actual had a keeper. Keepers are a rare breed up this way. Casey Eaves played in goal last year for them but Somerset need him on the pitch (currently injured anyway I think). Burnie have had outfield players in goals in some games this year. At Ulvie we lost both our senior and reserve keepers from last year and our under's keeper from last year is out for the season. Our under's keeper plays on the field in the reserves, our reserves keeper plays on the field in the under's and our senior keeper played on the field for the seniors last year.

    The guy who is in goals for Somerset has only just taken up keeping and to expect him to pick up everything in 3 months is unrealistic. To single him out from a team who clearly had a very ordinary day all round is a pretty good example of kicking a bloke while he's down.

    I'm sure John Wheeler is doing everything possible to improve this kids keeping and the rest of his team get right behind him because they know it's a tough gig and he's giving it his best.

    Give the kid some credit for having the guts to jump in and have a go and try and help his club out rather than stick the boot in the first time someone sees him play. Hopefully,whoever made that comment at the top might make a more positive statement knowing the situation Somerset were in regarding keepers at the start of the year.

    Constructive criticism beats destructive criticism every time.

    P.S. Matthew Rhodes was a state keeper and he couldn't take goalkicks to save himself. A few other keepers were the same.

  5. Derrin or what ever his name is was in goals this week I understand, their reserve keeper!

  6. The keeper they had in goals vs Olympia was the one who was in goals for their seniors when we played them. His nickname is Dogba I think... don't know why.

    Had a look at the highlights. I can't see any goals that were entirely his fault.

  7. correct there nick his nickname is drogba altho i cant tell u why either but yes he is our reserve keeper but like you say i dont think there is one goal there that is due to him to be honest sharks just had a day to forget unfortunately

  8. Was the reserve coach in charge of Somerset in Hobart. Friday's Advocate newspaper quoted from coach Trevor Eaves and Monday was all about coach John Wheeler?

  9. wheeler was at the ground on match day