Monday, 11 April 2011

Nicknames... Just Sayin'

I get the odd email from Mark Baker and I have found a fitting nickname for him. Not sure if it is in use already and feel free to shoot me down if you think it is ordinary but surely something along the lines of Mark 'Doggy' Baker would be fairly appropriate. The spoonerism of Mark Baker is Bark Maker hence 'doggy'.

Poor old Benny Foote was being sledged about his lack of fingers on Saturday and it got me thinking about a suitable nickname for him. I came up with 'Archer'.

At the Battle of Agincourt the French would cut off the arrow-shooting fingers of any English longbowmen captured. I'm sure Benny 'Archer' Foote would have prefered to lose them in a battle as opposed to getting them cut off in a slicer at Simplot.

Just Sayin'

If you have any decent nicknames worth sharing the put up a post!


  1. Nick (Randy off my name is Earl) Owen

  2. Todd Hingston = TODDNEY

  3. Randy is a very strong look alike for me but I also get 'Haystacks' after the wrestler from the 60's, Haystacks Colhoun. I'm pretty sure he's my dad!

  4. sam luck is park ji sung, park ji luck

    gabriel tams is orlando bloom

  5. I'd prefer safe old 'Mitch' but a few years ago at Burnie United enjoying the great social occasions saw me 'bulk up' a bit and led to Ian Miller dubbing me Bargearse!