Thursday, 14 April 2011

Coaches Comments

Dane Hudson on his match against Devonport.
“We were not good enough last week and let each other down in areas we pride ourselves on and paid the price. There is no respite this week, or any week for that matter as we face a Devonport side looking to get their season on track after a result Tom would not be happy with. At time of writing our team remains unchanged and we will be looking to redeem ourselves with a hard fought win.”

Tom McGinn on his game against Knights
“Devonport v Prospect is a huge game for both clubs and after recent history on results Prospect would be considered a strong favourite to take the 3 points.
We must bounce back after the loss to Somerset and we are set to make 4-5 changes from the previous round.
We will welcome back Kammy Douglas and Chris McKenna which certainly adds balance back into the team.
Prospect will obviously have their tails up last week after the defeat against rangers.
Big game for the club with this the first of hopefully a few games played under the new lights at Valley Road.”

Sam Cocks on his game against Riverside.
“This week we face a really hard battle with playing Riverside at Riverside. After two losses in a row I have had to question myself why?.After having dominated possession in both games and creating opportunities but still losing. Ugly football has beaten us both times and we have been working on that problem this week. You can have all the possession in a game and build up but if you leak goals from long bombs or counter attacks you lose.
This week will see us stop that kind of play( i dont think river play like that anyway).We welcome back Ash Smith who pulled out last minute last week with a slight injury and myself back from Queensland.
We will be looking to win the midfield battle and without Rob Hughes I know we will come out on top.
Also due to a few injuries and two suspensions two young guys who have played in the preseason with us will make their league debut. Tyler Johnstone and Mal Walters, both are young and fit and looking forward to the challenge.”

Troy Scott on his match against Burnie
“This week we will go in unchanged Rob Hughes is still out with a knee and Ryan McCarragher with a back. Last year Burnie smashed us so we will be entering this game with that in the back of our mind. We need to win this week as we have the next two weeks off which will hopefully allow a few boys to get over their injuries.”

Adam Whitemore on his match against Ulverstone

“I thought we were pretty decent last week but we will expect to get much stronger as the season goes on.
We are unchanged this week for the first time and have almost all of our senior group available.
Ulverstone have made a great start to the season, which is a credit to Nick and the players, particularly having lost Brayden Mann on the eve of the season.
We put 7 past Ulverstone in the Hudson Cup but are exepecting a much tighter game this time. They will be understandably confident, and we will have plenty of respect for them. 
Our forwards are looking really sharp and I'd expect they'll cause plenty of problems Saturday. The surface at Valley Road suits our style of play, and will allow us to play a fast attacking game.
I'm sure Nick knows what to expect and will adjust accordingly ;)”

Nick Owen on his match against Rangers.
“I’m really looking forward to playing Rangers this week. They are the bench-mark in this league so we’ll need to be at our absolute best. Unfortunately we are without 3 of our experienced players in Ben Hutchinson, Kyle Baldock and Brian Tabrett. We will probably miss centre-back Ben Hutchinson the most as he has been one of the unsung heroes of our victories so far. We had Harry Crocker debut last week and we will debut 1 again this week. Josh Laing will make his debut and the other spot will go to Callum Foote.
One of the best things about coaching, I think, is being able to put these kids in and give them a chance to prove themselves against quality teams and seeing what they’ve got. We sit on top of the ladder at this stage but we are under no illusions as to where we are as a young developing team. The beauty of our team, and I will emphasise the word team, is that we all understand our roles, we stick to them, we work hard, and, so far, we have got the results.
P.S. Sorry to all the Ulverstone supporters for playing ‘Ugly’ football last week at Montello.”


  1. Nice p.s nick. To me its ugly football but it has been effective for you and prospect.Kick the ball long and try and make one on ones.
    Nice football is the style the rangers play knock the ball around and keep posetion.Build up play and score.
    Sorry offend you nick but that is only in my eyes im sure alot of people would agree the way you team plays is nice.Its just one opinion.
    Sam cocks

  2. I wasn't offended mate, we try and knock the ball around against teams that will allow us to but the key to beating you guys is attacking quick and direct. You guys neglected how quick Grey and Meaney are and left them 1 on 1 with the slowest bloke in your team. You weren't there to do anything about it so I know it wasn't you.

  3. hahahaa well you've just told everyone how to beat burnie now nick. thanks very much now everyone will know how to beat them

  4. You're welcome! Sorry Burnie, you won't win another game now!

    Burnie will be top 4 by the end of the season. They just need to iron out a few kinks and they'll be firing!

  5. Senior highlights from Rangers V PKFC @

    thanks to Ayden Demiejer for the footage and editing

  6. Sam, you must be stirring the pot as to say the knights beat you on the counter with long bombs is a joke!

    You were lucky not to be 5 down at half time and you lot struggled to have any possesion !

    Thought you were a good coach but maybe you are reading the game wrong or just making excuses!

  7. Sam is a good coach,pity to many people stick there nose in instead of letting him run the side how he wants to.Sam needs to move to a Club where people respect him and would give him 100% on the track and game day for him to succeed.Thats probally why his mate left the club and im supprised he didnt follow.I didnt really believe Chris Smith had left Burnie till i seen him play last week out at somerset, pretty big loss for your club Sam as he is looking like he could rip teams apart at a drop of a hat,I say that has put a slight dent in your title race and yeah i know its only one player but i bet u wish things were done a little different as i was talking to Chris last week.I asked him wat he thought of Burnie now and which was a suprise he didnt have anything bad to say about the club,If it was me i would of gave them a roasting.

  8. that sounds like an anonymous comment from Alan Eadie! ya muppet!

  9. allans grammar and spelling is much better