Sunday, 17 April 2011

Adam Whitemore and Tom McGinn on their weekend results

Adam Whitemore on his 3-1 victory over Ulverstone

"Firstly I was really impressed by Ulverstone. They gave us plenty of problems, and we really had to work hard for the win. I thought Joel Stone looks a fantastic prospect. The early goals probably changed the way they went about the game. They weren't long ball by any means, but looked to catch us out with quick distribution from the keeper. Once we took the lead we were able to sit back a little, and I thought Ulvie built up play, and passed it really well.

Our rooms were pretty quiet afterwards. The players have set very high expectations of themselves and knew they didn't reach those levels. We didn't every really get out of second gear, but Ulverstone also made it hard for us to play. We played it out well from the back and showed a lot of composure, even after Ulverstone got back into the game, but didn't move the ball as well through midfield as we have. Defensively we were solid again and limited Ulverstone to just a few chances. Our midfield didn't dominate as they have in previous matches, and we allowed Ulvie to play through us too easily. We were dangerous up front without having the cohesion of last week, and decison making generally was a little off. Having said that we missed 3 or 4 golden opportunities to win by a few more. A bigger margin would have been hard on Ulverstone, as there wasn't that much between the sides on the day, but they were chances we really should have taken.

Still, we have beaten the top side to go top ourselves without getting close to our best."

Tom McGinn on his 4-1 loss to Prospect

"For all spectators watching it was probably a good fast game with there being plenty of chances for both clubs.

As a coach it was frustrating to create so many chances against such a good team and come away with little rewards.

The post and the bar was certainly not kind to the strikers with us hitting them at least 4 times.

In saying that prospect were very well balanced and they took the most of their opportunities in front of goal so deserved their victory.

So it is back to the drawing board again and with no game this weekend will give us ample time to rediscover the form that has deserted us in the last couple of weeks."


  1. Some big games coming up after the Easter break.

    Knights and Ulvie will be a good game. Ulvie will come to play and Knights apart from a poor performance against Rangers are the form team of the comp.

    Burnie and Devonport meet, with curtains for the loser I reckon.

    City and Somerset will be close down at Cardigan Street

    Whilst Rangers will be too experienced for Lonnie United

  2. That is the most patronising comments on a game I have ever heard Mr Whitemore !

    Nver got out of second gear, should have won by more but Teams were even.

    Give us a break and say what you really mean !

  3. Knights were too fast for Dev. Sessay created havoc up front and gave there big tall blonde defender a lesson. Dev did hit the woodwork on a few occasions in the second half as the Knights took their foot off the pedal and defended brilliantly. Crosswell didnt do much up front and Baker/Atherton dominated the middle of the part. MacKenna looked slow or injured? Knights will continue to improve where Dev is in all sorts of trouble this early. Even there Cristiano Ronaldo wanna be couldnt lift them!! Knights v Rangers for the title.

  4. Hardly say it was patronizing, just his opinions. I was at the game and thought Rangers cruised through the game, certainly not the intensity of the game against Knights.

    Whitmore obviously praises Ulverstone and gives them credit for the way they played, whats wrong with that??

  5. I didn't manage to get to Valley Road so I can't comment on the game but I must say I really appreciate the comments of both Adam and Nick - and for that matter the other coaches (Tom). I think the coaches provide a frank and honest view of the games and the teams involved.
    I also think it's a little early do be calling 'Game Over' for any of the teams in a tight tussle. Can't count Devonport out and if Burnie can just sort themselves out they could give things a real shake. There's some good lads there - and they can be even better when if they let themselves be.
    Have a good time in Cyprus Peter (Peppis)!

  6. Meant to come across as we couldn't get out of second gear, rather than we didn't need to. One of the reasons was because Ulvie matched us over most of the pitch. I thought we had a bit more up front though. They reminded me of River, lots of mobile, quality young players. Connor Meaney and Joel Stone look superb and really troubled us.

    If you reread the comments I didn't say we deserved to win by more. I said it was a tight game. The fact was though we created and should have put away 3 simple second half chances from a combined total of 10 yards. A big difference to your interpretation anon.

    Ultimately we won without playing well, and the players knew this. To improve a team long term you can't be satisfied with just winning, or winning ugly (unless you're Liverpool!). You need to be honest and critical of your performances, hence the reference to the missed chances. I sure when Nick sees the video he'll see areas where his boys could have been better too, and would probably be thinking had they played at 100% they might have pinched the game rather than us. That's the idea of coaches comments - so adults can discuss the games and try to take the game forward.

    Adam Whitemore

  7. Highlights from Dev V Knights, they did hit the wood work a bit!

  8. Watched the Highlights and counted 2 for Dev and 1 for Knights !

    p.s Excellent camera work !

  9. not sure why people on this site take pleasure in critising others with the comments on the knights v devonport game. i am sure when reading this the young lad who is still at school will be real pleased to think some one can be such a smart arse.i actually seen the second half of this game and to say defended brilliantly maybe premature when i think devonport missed at least 6 chances. however if you count the woodwork as a defender maybe you are correct.hope you are not singing too early as i am sure devonport will bounce back.

  10. Anon 20:30

    Its "I actually saw the second half"