Friday, 8 April 2011

Comments from the Coaches (well one or two of them)

Prospect Coach Dane Hudson will have a confident team going into the game against Rangers as it is the same team that accounted for a strong Burnie outfit 3-0 last week. Sessay and Croswell, although happy with last week’s win, will be looking to be more clinical in front of goals after missing several guilt-edged chances. Hudson offered these comments.

“Every Saturday will be a tough day this year and this week is a stern reminder. Rangers have had the wood on us for quite a few years now, so it would be great to get a win this week. We will continue with the same team as last week and attempt to continue on in the same vein. We need to take our opportunities though and put Rangers under some early scoreboard pressure. I know Adam would be disappointed with their start so far, so we will turn up expecting Rangers to be at their very best.”

Ulverstone coach Nick Owen is in two minds as to whether he should refer to himself in the third person or not on this blog site. He is not ‘”The Rock” therefore he should probably stop. I have Sam Wood and Harry Crocker coming into the side this week for Waide Jones, who has quit the club, and also Brian ‘Silky’ Tabrett, who is not fully fit. Harry makes his debut after coming off the bench in our previous two matches and hasn’t looked out of place. In fact, He gave us a real spark when he came on against Somerset and helped set up one of our goals. Sam Wood is lucky to be available for this fixture after failing to run around a training pole in the correct fashion. The tip of the pole flung back towards Woods and collected him directly between the eyes. This left a ‘severe gash’ about half a millimeter deep. It bled a little bit.  

Tom McGinn commented on this Saturday’s events saying he was probably going to enjoy a nice Chai latte around brunch and then spend the afternoon in a dear friend’s backyard finishing off some French knitting. ( But seriously, it wouldn’t surprise me to see him at Montello as Devonport are set to play both Burnie and Ulverstone in the next month.

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