Monday, 4 April 2011

Round 3 Results

Let's hear your comments on the weekends games. Some very interesting results!

Northern Rangers 0 - 0 Launceston City

Riverside Olympic 5 - 4 Launceston United

Burnie United 0 - 3 Prospect Knights

Devonport Strikers 1 - 4 Somerset Sharks


  1. some strange results indeed goes to show how even the comp is this year with all team capable of taking points off each other. any truth to the rumour on walters site about rob hughes

  2. I'm pretty sure it was a season ending injury....ligaments or tendons in his knee...on w.e games....I think Devonport struggled big time without Kammy and Kenny and will drop more points without them....Burnie struggle against more physical sides and without Kaimon may struggle next week, as will river without Hughes.

  3. Good on you Nick! Let's hope we can all have some friendly banter and debate but keep things tidy!

  4. Great results for the league. Its about time we had a number of clubs being able to take points from anyone else on their day.
    I hope you can keep this blog up and running Nick as its sorely needed for our game.
    Oh and don't get too used to the view from the top.

  5. Nick as a watcher of Saturdays game Burn v Knights I would be interested to hear your coments on the game ?

  6. I only watched the first half as I needed to be back at the club for a fundraiser but I thought Knights played Burnie quite well. Knights absorbed pressure well when Burnie pushed numbers forward and Burnie only created 1 good chance from memory. Knights countered well and created numerous chances and probably should have been 3 or 4 up had it not been for some excellent keeping.

    Chris Smith was subbed in the first half. I assume it was an injury. Couldn't tell really.

    Not a huge fan of Burnie's new strips really however they won't clash with our Ulvie strip
    so I should be grateful. I'm glad I don't have to wear one though... they aren't overly flattering.

    Very hard to concentrate and watch the game with Joel Stone doin his convincing impression of the lady from the boat people add. 'This is what I had to do... to save my son'... that add!

  7. Prospect v Rangers this week.......??? Rangers 2-1
    And will Sharks back up against River??? River 1-0

  8. From what I hear, Sharks have a signing or two to report? anyone able to confirm?

  9. Rumour has it Chris Smith has joined Somerset.Can anyone 'CONFIRM'this??