Saturday, 9 April 2011

Burnie vs Ulverstone Match Report

Burnie 1 – 3 Ulverstone

Match Report
It was an eventful game yesterday at Montello and I am sure spectators views on the game might be different to mine.
Burnie had the better start to game however they found themselves a goal down when Michael Grey went past his defender (Elliot I think) and was brought down for a clear penalty. Ben Foote slotted the penalty with confidence.
 Five minutes later Burnie drew level with a penalty of their own after Sam Wood handled the ball in the box. De Bomford hammered the penalty home past Will Cox-Haines.
It was an uneventful first half really. Both teams only produced 1 or 2 decent chances each.
Things started to heat up in the second half with a scuffle between Joel Stone and a Burnie player resulting in Joel getting a fair whiff of his opponent’s arm-pit via a headlock. To both teams credit the situation didn’t escalate and both teams got on with it.
After a tight first 25 minutes Conor Meaney out-paced the Burnie defence to be one-on-one. The Keeper saved his first attempt, however Conor followed up to make it 2-1.
We scored our third in a similar fashion when Michael Grey out-paced the defence again to lob the advancing keeper with about 10 minutes to go.
Burnie had an excellent opportunity to pull a goal back in the last minute however it was courageously blocked by Cox-Haines in goals.
There were 2 send-off’s in the second half. I don’t know who got sent off for Burnie but it was a straight red for foul language. I didn’t hear it but apparently the player in question requested quite loudly that he wanted someone to undertake the mating process with him. Ulerstone's Kyle Baldock  received a second yellow soon after for what I assume was consistent infringement of the laws of the game.

Why we won
Watching Prospect beat Burnie the week before was important to getting a victory in this game.  Burnie pushed numbers forward a lot of the time but were slow to regroup to help their defence. Sessay and Croswell exposed the Burnie defence because of this and they earned a victory.
We knew we would absorb a fair bit of pressure and we did that without letting Burnie get decent shots on goal. If you were a neutral observer you would have said Burnie had the better of the game but it was our game plan to absorb that pressure and score on the counter. I felt our attacking players were good enough to exploit Burnie’s slow backline and they did that.


  1. Please feel free to send me a match report from your game. Pop your name on it and send it to me in a post. I will do it up as I did with this one.

    Help is always appreciated!

  2. Hi Nick, you are welcome to cut and past our report from

  3. Nick you have described the game very well'
    I will thouigh add that Burnie played without Sam and Peter Van Ek[both away]Ashley[injured] and Kaimon[suspended].The Burnie player was sent off for swearing to himself but the mref.was close enough to hear him and players should know bwtter than that.
    I would also like to commend the ref and linesmen for a very good job.
    All the best for the rest of the season for both teams.
    Peter Christofi.

  4. The player that was sent off from Burnie was Andy Gibson. I dont think that Van Ek or Ash Smith would make much of a difference to the Burnie side that played Sat.

  5. Why am I not surprised to read a Burnie player was sent off for swearing..Peter Christofi 100% correct..players should know better than that.Sadly Peter it doesnt seem the players at Burnie do know better..The word is discipline..If Burnie develop it they could be a very powerful club..

  6. My dear anonymus friend..The Burnie player did not commit a foul on an oponent and was unlucky that the ref was close and heard him.The Ulv. player was sent off for a second bookable[foul]offence. Every club gets these problems occasionally and some more than Burnie.
    I do put my name down and would be nice if others referring to my comments could do the same.
    Peter Christofi.