Friday, 15 February 2013

Victory League Sides Named.

Northern and southern sides have named their Victory League sides, of interest to us will be the Northern Sides which are listed here.
I don’t think there are too many surprises, most would have expected these sides, notable absentee is the second of the overseas players Launceston City said they had secured.  Dane Hudson stated that Gary Ohalin had just disappeared, so obviously not in their squad, however Irishmen Aaron Leonard is.
To clear a few things up, these sides are not absolutely final, clubs have 3 changes that can be made up until round ten of the season, plus anyone injured for 4 weeks or longer, with a doctors certificate, can be moved out of the squad temporarily or permanently, however if that player does come back into the squad, the substitute player that came in for them, must then go back out.
Squads do not come into effect in pre season competitions.

Launceston City: D’Zeffrey Bart, Nathan Bartlett, Saeed Bin Sumadi, Aaron Campbell, Mitchell Dent, Lindsay Duncan, Joshua Duncan, Shane Egan, Daniel Egan, Will Egan, Patrick Farrell, Mitchell Hawksley, Chris Hill, Abraham Kargbo, J Sean Kollie, Aaron Leonard, Alex Rossetto, Alex Sciulli, Alex Smith, Raphael Tsakirellis.
Northern Rangers: Tenzing Anderson, Shane Brassington, Josh Burk, Mark Cristy, Ayden Demeijer, Todd Hingston, Dae Won Kim, Patrick Lanau-Atkinson, Nicholas Lanau-Atkinson, Brendan Lichtendonk, Agele Luate, Ryan McCarragher, Adam McIntyre, Sam Nugteren, Marshall Pooley, Ayden Rigby, Derek Schipper, Gabriel Tams, Yitay Towns, Luke Tuma.
Devonport City: Grant Ashdown, Bradley Chilcott, Michael Dahya, Jack Dance, Brody Denehey, Bobby Eaves, Casey Eaves, Adrian Foote, Ben Foote, Adam Gorrie, Nathan Gratton, Michael Holden, Brayden Mann, Daniel McGinn, Chris McKenna, Kieran Mulraney, Josh Smith, Joel Stone, Scott Wilson, Simon Wilson.


  1. There are some good sides I would like to wish all clubs the very best in the Victory League and NPL for 2013
    Tony Cocker

  2. Did someone tell city that this is a senior men league? wow, looks like a youth squad. its going to be a long year for them.