Thursday, 14 February 2013

Somerset Surge ahead as the NPL Favourites on North West Coast.

Jeremy deBomford has signed for Somerset.
The Forestry Tasmania Northern Premier League has lost some of the house hold names from the comp this year, with many moving to the Victory League, but Somerset have recruited strongly.
Just last week it was hard to pin point the favourites for the 2013 title, however tonight the Northern Blog can reveal that Somerset have the early “Favourites Tag” after it was confirmed that the Sharks had signed a plethora of talent.
After a tumultuous year or two at Burnie that included many red cards and controversy, Jeremy deBomford, Kaimon and Kyron Johnson and Sam Cocks have all resurfaced at Cardigan st, and tonight they have all signed for the Sharks. 
Added to this, Somerset also confirmed that talented defender Elliot Stewart(Burnie United), accomplished veteran Nick Reed and Ashtyn Johnson had also committed to playing for the club.
The signings will be a welcome boost to the club, who were only in December, contemplating their future.
After losing the last of the Eaves boys in Casey and Danny, along with skilful youngster Brodie Denahey and the temporary retirement of Keegan Wells, Somerset were looking decidedly shaky.
Coach Kevin Considine told the Advocate yesterday that Somerset were yet to sign the group, but training tonight confirmed the hopes of the rejuvenated coach``We've had good numbers,  we're yet to get a full commitment from all of them,'' he said.
``With full commitment I'd say we'll be right up there but we think we'll be very competitive anyway.''
Considine has not coached since injury forced him out of the game over three years ago, but he seems to have brought the players back out of the wood work, despite the lure of big weekly cash payments on offer in country Aussie rules football.
Whilst the ability of the coaching staff to keep the previous reputations of some of its signings under control is yet to be tested, the return of some very talented sports people to the code will be a good thing, providing the club maintains its reputation for being a family friendly and supportive club with a sportsmanship culture.
The Conkie's are playing at Ulverstone this year.
There are whispers that the club could yet have more players on their list, including a 6ft 5” South African defender who is reported to have played semi professionally in Ghana, along with some sons of the coach?
In the mean time, Burnie will be disappointed to have lost Stewart, and there is very little information as to who they have got for the upcoming season.
At Ulverstone, coach Stuart Mac reports that he has some promising players in his list, though struggling to get a training commitment out of them early in the season.
Shaun and Adam Conkie are both set to play alongside Kyle and Dallas Baldock, Connor and Kiren Meaney, Michael Wolfert and Snow Compagn.
The club is going to struggle to cover the commitment and drive the players like the Foote’s, Brayden Mann and Joel Stone brought to the squad, but should still have the talent to put together a strong year.


  1. how long it will take for one of the new somerset players to get sent off?

    1. 'bout the same time it will take anyone else :-/