Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Penalties from Northern Rangers V Clarence

Penalties from the 3 all draw between Northern Rangers and Clarence United in the Southern Summer Cup.

Did I leave my line on Clarence's first kick?


  1. Definitely not, mate. The ref would argue that the step you take to push off is in front of the line but if that were the case, the other 2 saves were exactly the same. They should understand that you need that little step forward to dive properly any way. as long as your dive doesn't land closer to the six yard box it should be fair game.


  2. No more than you did on the next save, interesting.

  3. My understanding of the rule is that you can jump forward after the ball has been kicked but cannot leave the line before It is kicked. looks like dobk takes that little step just after the player kicks it. therefore, save should have counted. Lucky for rangers, they still got the win!

  4. It would be fair to say on closer examination of your save and the subisquent save by the Clarence keeper..If you moved he moved more.