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Brennan Signs for Bentleigh Greens and the Steve Hudson Cup tradition continues in 2013

Andy Brennan in action in last year's Hudson Cup, Brennan
has been signed by Bentliegh Greens after the South Hobart
match against Bentleigh Greens.
Andy Brennan of South Hobart SC is the latest Tasmanian player to make the step to the Victorian Premier League, in search of bigger things in football.

Brennan was signed by Bentleigh Greens FC during South Hobart’s tour of Victoria after he had a strong game against the Greens, netting a goal and raising a few eyebrows in the process.

The news will be welcomed with mixed emotions at South Hobart on the eve of the Victory League kick off.

Brennan who is 19 is without doubt one of the finest players going around in Tasmania at present, he would have been a major part of Ken Morton’s plans for the 2013 campaign, but at the end of the day, Morton has delivered on his word to try and push the local talent onto bigger and better things, the trip to Victoria has given Brennan the chance to showcase himself to other clubs and ended up delivering him a contract at the next level above.

Interesting to note that Bentleigh have a fine record with A-League Clubs, developing names like Connor Pain (MVFC) Nick Ansell (MVFC) Paolo Retre (Heart) and Melbourne Victory goal keeper Lawrence Thomas who made his spectacular debut for Victory after Ante Covic was sent off against Brisbane Roar in the second minute back in 2011, Thomas played that match with only 8 players in front of him for more than an hour.  Perhaps Bentleigh will add another player to their impressive list.


Derek Schipper controls the ball in the 2011 Hudson Cup,
Rangers have resigned the George Dale medal winner and
he should be on show in the 2013 campaign.
The Launceston Soccer and Sports Club Committee organising the 2013 Steve Hudson Cup proudly continues the fine tradition of the pre-season competition from Sunday, 17th February at their Birch Avenue, Newstead grounds for its 33rd consecutive year.

We have received seven senior men’s entrants for 2013, Tilford Zebras, Prospect Knights, Devonport City (six time winners), Riverside Olympic, Northern Rangers (one time winners), South Hobart (defending title holders, five time winners), Launceston City (eight time winners) and entered our team of Launceston United (one time winners). Given the return of state league football, the LSSC Committee consulted with the participating clubs for general consensus in setting the competition’s fixtures with an aim to ensure all clubs achieve their objectives in the five week competition.

Football followers will be treated to an excellent showcase of full ninety minute games of competitive football with a lottery draw Group A and Group B format of four teams to play three weeks of round robin games with Northern Premier League club teams mostly facing the challenge against the Victory League club teams and a sneak peek of Victory League club teams going head to head at a neutral venue.

Weeks 4 and 5 of the competition will then replicate the 2013 season with a two tier group crossover 1 v 2 semi-finals competition of Victory League and Northern Premier League teams. The winners of the semi-finals go through to each play finals to win the SHC and prize money winners and runners up in their own right. Consolation finals will be played to give all teams five weeks of competitive games to tune up for the regular season.

The five week roster below outlines the competition fixtures giving football followers the opportunity to watch each of the four full games at the one venue over each of the five weeks and the prospect of seeing some of the best football talent in the state.

Week 1 - Sunday, February 17th,
11.00am          Group B          Launceston City (VL)           v          Riverside Olympic (NPL)
1.00pm            Group A          Tilford Zebras (VL)             v          Launceston United (NPL)
3.00pm            Group B          Northern Rangers (NPL)     v          South Hobart (VL)
2.00pm            Group A          Devonport City (VL)            v          Prospect Knights (NPL)

Week 2 - Sunday, February 24th,
11.00am          Group B          Riverside Olympic (NPL)     v          Northern Rangers (NPL)
1.00pm            Group A          Devonport City (VL)            v          Launceston United (NPL)
3.00pm            Group B          South Hobart (VL)                v          Launceston City (VL)
2.00pm            Group A          Prospect Knights (NPL)       v          Tilford Zebras (VL)

Week 3 - Sunday, March 3rd,
11.00am          Group A          Launceston United (NPL)    v          Prospect Knights (NPL)
1.00pm            Group B          Launceston City (VL)           v          Northern Rangers (NPL)
3.00pm            Group A          Tilford Zebras (VL)              v          Devonport City (VL)
2.00pm            Group B          South Hobart (VL)                v          Riverside Olympic (NPL)

Week 4 - Sunday, March 10th
11.00am          NPL Semi 1 No 1 NPL Team Group A       v          No 2 NPL Team Group B
1.00pm            VL Semi 1 No 1 VL Team Group A            v          No 2 VL Team Group B
3.00pm            VL Semi 2 No 1 VL Team Group B            v          No 2 VL Team Group A
2.00pm            NPL Semi 2 No 1 NPL Team Group B       v          No 2 NPL Team Group A

Week 5 - Sunday, March 17th
11.00am          NPL 3 & 4 Loser NPL Semi 1                      v          Loser NPL Semi 2
1.00pm            NPL Final Winner NPL Semi 1                    v          Winner NPL Semi 2
3.00pm            SHC Final Winner VL Semi 1                      v          Winner VL Semi 2
12.00pm          VL 3 & 4 Loser VL Semi 1                          v          Loser VL Semi 2

Prize money will be for Winners and Runners-up for both the VL and NPL. There will also be individual
player awards as in previous years.
The LSSC Committee endeavours to minimise the competition entry cost to clubs and subsequently has a daily gate admission flat fee of $5.00 (including players and club officials) to cover operating costs of the competition. (Concession $2.50, Children Under 12 are free.)
The LSSC kiosk and bar facilities are well stocked and will be operating throughout the competition.
On behalf of the LSSC Committee, best wishes to all players and clubs for a successful competition.

Yours in football

Maurie Krushka,
2013 LSSC Secretary
Launceston Soccer and Sports Club

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