Saturday, 23 February 2013

Steve Hudson Cup Results

Riverside Olympic 3 (Ross Maretti , Sam Huges , Joseph Simons ) def Northern Rangers 2 (Patrick Atkinson,  Nick Atkinson ) (HT 2-0)

Devonport City 10 (B. Mann 5, M Holden  4, B. Foote) def Launceston United (HT 5-0)

South Hobart 3 (K. Lanakaris,  H. Ludford, N. Morton) def Launceston City 0 (HT 1-0)

Prospect Knights 0 lost  Tilford Zebras 5 (Ricky Self 2, Samuel McIntyre, Adam McKeon,  Ryan Smith) (HT 0-2)


  1. I hear there is a merge on here with professor victory? That true? If so, make sure whoever it is just doesn't rehash Walters or the Back Post's info. As that's all they do...

    1. Really??? I never knew you had such a critical eye....

  2. I know this is probably not the place to write this. But does anyone know where a NW Cup roster could be found?

  3. On fft website...

  4. Hi Anon,

    Link to Sporting pulse where all rosters can be found once loaded by FFT.