Friday, 8 February 2013

Rumours Soon To Be Set Straight

Nathan Bartlett will play for City in the
Victory League.
Just an addition to the Rumour Mill, all a little quiet on western front at the moment, with just a week to go before Victory League Clubs have to name their squads, and the Pre season cups kick off for both Victory League clubs and Northern Premier.
Launceston City have signed Nathan Bartlett and DeZephery Bart in the last couple of weeks from Launceston United, as well as welcoming a few players from over seas.  This should help bulster their squads, with the professor claiming that City have signed Aaron Campbell from Riverside, Pat Farrel from United and Saed bin Sumadi from United also.
Rangers have picked up Ryan McCaragher, Nick Lanau Atkinson and Mark Christy from Riverside and Ayden Rigby from Launceston and Derek Schipper is returning.
The club will also welcome their first UK import early in March, a striker from Coventry.
Devonport have no surprises and its well documented who has joined them, though there was a whisper that at least Jeremy deBomford was going to head over to Valley Road for a kick before the squads have been officially selected.
Down south the big news is Kanakaris is back at South Hobart, while their UK player, Nick Hill has already defected to Kingborough Lions.
Tilford Zebras have signed Jonothan Ladic who has been playing in Queensland.
On the Premier League front, all teams have now nominated for the League One competition which is a compulsory competition.
Somerset have signed the Lions share of players on the coast and should be a tough team to beat in 2013.
Little or no news on Ulverstone and Burnie, while Devonport will be strong again in the NPL on the back of an Under 18 premiership.
Prospect Knights still very tight lipped about what is happening up at Harley Parade.
Wayne Penfold is in charge of Riverside,  Murray takes over at Launceston and Col Nicholson is the new premier league coach at Rangers.


  1. Although ulvie have lost some big names, they have still got a quality 11. Conkies, baldocks, meaneys and hutchinson are back, wolfert, Thomson and cox Haines will push the starting 11 too, and maybe a few players that devonport haven't looked after. So I think they still have a good squad without the best players on the Nw coast that they lost.

  2. Somerset registration night next Thursday, so we will see who is and who isn't, numbers at training have grown each week, as you would expect at this stage of the year.
    It is too quiet from Burnie and Ulvie, not a good sign.

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  4. Thanks for keeping us informed as much as possible Captain.At the moment you are the best source.


  5. Rumour has it that the main coaches at Devonport have been taking gymnastic classes together?

  6. Strange to see the amount of movement from Riverside and United, when Knights have been the best of those 3 sides for the past few years. Not having a go at anyone, but just an observation.

  7. Knights individually lack quality. Who would you recruit from there?

    1. Yeah, maybe a fair call, but something is going right if you win a title. I just thought there would have been more Knights sniffing around. Whatever quality they do possess up there may win them another NPL title this year.

    2. And Launceston have had quality?? They have been whipping boys for years and showed some minor improvement towards the back end of last season,that's it..

    3. From what I here the Knights approached werent interested and fair enouhg. Im sure Toby would have been a shoe in, him would have thought that was it however. From there 2011 team however Crosswell, Seesay and Duffy all would have got a game.

      However from what I here, is that most of them arent interested in making the next step, and in the end indiviudal choice.

      On launceston they were improving last year and had some good kids who with the right set up around them (which they havent had), they will go OK.

  8. I think you under estimate the individuals at Knights but at the same its a compliment to suggest then they are a good side if they have no stars ! Also a credit to why they play and most put the club first !


  9. Stepping up to play at a higher level shouldn't be a reflection on putting the club first.