Saturday, 16 February 2013

Steve Hudson Cup Round 1

Devonport Strikers 7 (B.Mann 4, B.Eaves, K.Mulraney, A.Gorry) def Prospect Knights 1
Launceston City 1 (S.Bin Sumadi) def Riverside 0
South Hobart 5 (M.Ambrose, N.Morton 2, C.Williams, Hye Min Yun) def Northern Rangers 1 (J.vanZetten)
Tilford Zebras 7 (N.McDonald, R.Smith, A.Clarke, P.Palmer, H.Fagg 2, A.Viney) def Launceston Untied 0


  1. Good day of football at the Hudson Cup. I do wish the fruit platter was still given out after the game like last year. Bring it back!

  2. Not sure if anyone knows but the game Somerset play on the 2nd in the Lakoseljak Cup, is that still going ahead? Because they are due to play the same day in the NW summer cup...

    1. Yes we will be playing both games that day :-)