Thursday, 28 February 2013

Southern Summer Cup, Rangers V Zebras

Northern Rangers Yitay Towns in action against
Clarence United last weekend.
Northern Rangers will go to Warrior Park looking for their first win of their Southern Summer Cup experiment.
Two draws gives them next to no chance of progressing, but the focus will be on matching it with a Victory League front runner this week, rather than anything else.
Rangers will be without Marshall Pooley, Derek Schipper and probably Coventry import, Shane Brassington who arrived this week from the UK. 
Brassington is awaiting a clearance from the UK that was lodged on the 8th of February, but will travel with the squad and warm up regardless of whether he is given the green light to play or not by FFT.
The Rangers injury list is already on the climb, but shouldn’t affect this week’s squad too much, but leaves little left over for the Hudson Cup.
Hingston, McCarragher and Tuma will all play after missing last week with injury, while Ash Fisher retains his place in the squad after a strong debut for the club against Clarence, and is knocking on the door for the Victory League 20.
Steve Pitchford will look for more from his strikers this week, after rooing missed opportunities last week against Taroona.
“On Saturday we meet Northern Rangers in a match we need to win to at least put some pressure on Taroona when they play Kingborough on Saturday evening.”
“We will take in a full-strength squad utilising an attacking formation. Rangers have been very solid defensively and we will need to be more accurate in front of goal than in our first two matches of this summer cup.” Pitchford said.
For Rangers coach Peter Savill, it will be a test to see if the team can replicate months of training on ball speed and passing, after the last few games have seen the team drop their focus on pass, pass, pass.
The match kicks off at 5pm at Warrior Park.

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  1. For those interested, Shane Brassington is cleared to play for Rangers on Saturday Vs Zebras.