Saturday, 16 February 2013

Rangers come back from first Summer Cup match with a point.

South Hobart Vs Northern Rangers, Warrior Park, 16th Feb 2013.
South Hobart 1 (Cam Rogers) drew Northern Rangers 1 (Todd Hingston)
South Hobart won 4-1 on Penalties
New South Hobart defender Lucas Hill controls ahead of
Ayden Rgiby from Northern Rangers.
Northern Rangers travelled south to play South Hobart in round one of the Southern Summer Cup.
Both sides fielded strong line ups with players still to come in, missing for South Hobart were Kanakaris, Ambrose and Mizael, while Rangers were without  Demeijer, Pooley, Cristy and Brassington.
Both teams started tentatively in the heat, and the opening 10 minutes was scrappy but even, slowly but surely South Hobart took control of the game, and pegged Rangers down for the rest of the half, though struggled to produce too many goal scoring opportunities, the best came from a corner in which South converted, but the goal was disallowed as the ball was not placed in the ark when kicked.
Relief for Rangers who were only going forward on the counter.
Rangers best chance came when Luate was put through one on one but his shot was saved.
Schipper also could have scored but the bullet like shot was expertly saved by Ferguson in the South Hobart goal.
South continued to press Rangers, and won quite a few free kicks just outside the area, but most shots were wide, high or straight at Dan Phillips in the Rangers goal.
Derek Schipper back in action for Northern Rangers after
a year off.
South broke the dead lock though when Cam Rogers forced a turnover and hit the turbo button from midfield, ending a strong run with a brilliant goal that was placed into the highest echelon of the top corner of the goal to put South deservedly 1-0 up.  Seriously, it could not have been squeezed further into the top corner.
Half time followed shortly after, and though Rangers were not playing well, there was a resolve to come out and get closer to their potential.
Patty Lanau-Atkinson came into the game and provided Rangers with great drive from midfield, setting up Luate and his twin Nick for some strong chances.
Hingston simply bossed midfield all day, working box to box, his defensive aerial work on this particular day was nothing short of outstanding, and was further complimented by the defensive work from Ryan Mcarragher.
For South Hobart, Hye Min Yun was a threat all day, feeding neat through balls for Nick Morton who looked dangerous every time he got into the box.
Fielding was a surprise, his age has not wearied him, and when on the ball, was more than a handful for McIntire in the Ranger defense.
Rangers had the better of the second half, but took until the 85th minute to equalise when Hingston hit a loose ball from the edge of the box and scored.
Rangers were unlucky not to have snatched a late winner when Hinston was through, but adjudged to be off side.
In this competition, if score a level, the teams play off in a penalty shoot out to decide who gets the bonus point, on this occasion it was South Hobart 4-1 on penalties.

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