Saturday, 9 February 2013

Trial match results

Victory League Practice Match.
Devonport Strikers 5 (B.Mann 2 (p-1) D.Mcginn (p) B.Eaves, K.Mulrany) def Northern Rangers 3 (S.Nugteren, A.Luate,P.Lanau Atkinson 3-1 ht. .

Northern Premier League practice match,
Devonport Strikers 3 (B.Andrews, M.Blake, R.Murray) lost to Northern Rangers 4 (A.Rigby, H.Thannhauser, M.Christy, H.Vanderveld). 2-3 ht.


  1. rigby and christy played 2 matches.... are they short on numbers or is there another reason?

  2. We just want our young players playing as much football as possible without going over board. Plus I dont think in preseason anyone would enjoy sitting on the bench for a hour.

    I would expect a few of the young lads to be playing southern and hudson cup on the same weekend.

  3. when does the Hudson cup start??