Saturday, 25 August 2012

Results from 1st round of finals

Ulverstone 4 (Mann 2 Crocker 2) def Clarence 3 after extra time

Rangers 1 drew kingbourah 1( rangers 8-7 on penaltys)

New town eagles 2 lost Devonport 3

South Hobart 7 def  Knights 0


  1. solid knights, good performance

  2. Quiet around here! Congrats ulvie and dev on their wins this weekend! Suck it south!

  3. It' pretty quiet on here considering there are three Northern teams in the semi-finals! Congrats to the teams that went through! Hope Ulvie knock off South and make it an all Northern final!!

  4. 3 great wins.....1 not so much. oh well, there is always the memory of last yr hey knights

  5. i reckon river would of put on more of a spectacle than knights, oh well. go north, how good would a north v north final be. seagullvie in good form

  6. well done to the northern teams that beat the south,bit diff than last year and i do remember the south people getting on this site.The score line of 7 nil sounds like a flogging but watching it from the stands it's all about putting your chances away,and the way Ulverstone play they will beat south,and i bet rangers would have loved to be playing anyone else than Dev but all the best to all the northern teams next week.

  7. Yep evonport are our bogie team, have struggled against them even during our successful years.

    2009 1 draw 1 win
    2010 1 draw 1 loss
    2011 1 loss 1 win
    2012 2 losses

    We ahve to the chance to make ammence for our poor peformance 5 or 6 weeks ago

  8. If you go into a game thinking about the negative past, you've already lost. Soccer is also a game of the mind. All the best.


  9. Rangers v Devonport Friday night 8pm NTCA

    $4 entry for all.

    Off their website