Monday, 20 August 2012


Thanks to all who kept tipping through out the year.
Not only can these guys win titles but they win the bloody tipping too.
Well done lads....

Final Ladder

1st GIBBLES 62

2nd Patty L.A 59

Tied 3rd Bobby 53
              Captain Australia(Donk) 53

Tied 4th Ben Foote 51
              A.B 51

Tied 5th Twang 47
              N.B 47

6th Sam 46

7th Chance (good fight back) 41

8th T.D 36

Last SMP 31

Prizes can be collected at the FFT dinner at the casino as i know the top three will attend.


  1. Thanks a lot for running this Samwise, It's always nice to be able to have a place to see how others view your teams chances, as well as a bit of friendly banter. Also thanks to whoever contributed prizes this year! (AB, Samwise and Donk I think?) I'll have to buy you lads a beer at the dinner!

  2. Pretty chuffed with my result considering I ony watched about 3 games this year. And well done rangers on your title. Well deserved.