Friday, 31 August 2012

Rangers beat Devonport to go through to the state final 2012

Rangers 2 (Hunt, Ambrose penalty) def Devonport 1 (Holden)

Ht Rangers 2 - 0

Rangers held off a late charge from Devonport to go through to next weeks state grand final.
The ever so reliable Chris Hunt opened the scoring for the Rangers in the first half. Also before half te Rangers were rewarded a penalty. Mark "Funky" Ambrose stepped up to take the spot kick.
Devonports keeper "Smith" saved the spot kick but the official had called an infringement and Ambrose made no mistake this time to give the Rangers a 2-0 lead at half time.

Devonport scored a goal with about 10 minutes to go from young gun Michael Holden.This giving Devonport a late charge to try and go into extra time but the Rangers held off and now will play the winner of South Hobart and Ulverstone today at 1pm at Darcy st Hobart.

Come on the reds to make it an all NPL final.


South Hobart 5 def Ulverstone 1 (Mann)


  1. Well done donk and the ranger boys,out of the final 3 left you deserve to win the big one after dominating the past 4years.Only last year cost you the title from goal difference.

  2. How is it possible that both goals were scored in one half when they were at opposite ends of the ground as shown in the highlights? Must have been a weird game then.

  3. Annon 15-12.
    As I was not at the game nor have I seen the footage.
    But the message I revived from Donk after the game stated 2-0 at half time. So that's all I can report.
    We are after precise people so your more than welcome to come on board.

  4. 1 nil ht 2 nil just after restart.

    Rangers should have won by more

  5. coxy don't worry about anon 15:12 he sounds like a d$%khead mate,done a good job this year mate!