Thursday, 30 August 2012

One Northern Side to be competing for State Title after Semi finals.

Luke Tuma returns to the starting line up this week
for Rangers against Devonport.
It doesn’t take a scientist to figure out that one Northern Side will be competing for the 2012 Forestry Tasmania State Championship next week, the quandary is who and could it be an all Northern Final?  If that is the case, where would you play such a game, given that neither side should have the home ground advantage?
Enough of the hypothetical, let’s look at the facts.
Game one is Friday night at the NTCA at 8pm.  Rangers were forced to go for an un conventional kick off time due to the NTCA being booked for NTFA div one semi finals on Saturday, so after much discussion with Devonport, it was settled to play at this time.
Rangers have everyone available from last week’s win on penalties with Kingborough, making one change only, picking Luke Tuma at centre back in front of Sam Nugteren for the extra pace of the Devonport forward line.
Gabriel Tams retains his place upfront after a fine match last week, forcing his way into the senior line up at the business end of the season.
Everyone else is fresh, and Rangers coach Peter McBeath is excited at the prospect of another crack at the side his side is yet to beat this year.

Kiren Mulraney will hope to replicate his early season form
against Rangers after his partner Joe Toner returned to Ireland.
Pic - Adam Cai.

“We have five players in this weeks starting eleven that didn’t start or play in our loss at Valley road, Marshall Pooley in goals, Gabriel Tams and Mark Ambrose up front with Luke Tuma and Adam MacIntyre in defense, we are stronger now and really happy with the way the boys are going at the moment.”
Devonport will have to deal with the loss of speedy forward Joe Toner who has returned to Ireland, but have plenty of talent outside the starting line up to cover him.
Player Coach Chris McKenna showed he has lost nothing even after spending most of the year as a sub, starting against Newtown and scoring a brilliant goal in the 60 minutes he played.
When asked how his Hamstrings were, his response was, “Im not sure i’ve got any left?”
Devonport will bring a big bus south from Valley road and hope to have plenty of vocal support travelling with them.
$4 flat entry fee for the game and the weather looks to have come good just in time.

Brayden Mann scores against Clarence, and will I am certain
against South Hobart this week.
Pic Adam Cai.

Ulverstone travel to South Hobart to do battle with Nick Owen and Brayen Mann’s old side.  Mann will know them well and will be well guarded by the South Hobart back line, with Coach Ken Morton knowing all too well how the young striker goes about his business.
South Hobart will sweat on the form and fitness of their own go to man in Andy Brennan who only played 60 minutes against Prospect last week, when Andy is on form, he is in the top three players in the state, but at present, he is little more than a contributor, and South will need more than an effort from Brennan to make it to the final.
Ulverstone will be without Adam Conkie who Coach Nick Owen says is unavailable on family commitments.
“I'm not sure if he (Adam Conkie) could have played anyway as I'm not sure whether the 5 yellow card rule still applies if you get your 5th in the finals. He definitely had his angry pants on last week and if I didn't take him off he was probably going to get sent off.”
Nick Owen embraces the underdog tag going into this match, and that alone might just get Ulverstone over the line in what has been a great season for the club, who have been starved of success in the last decade and a half.
“We haven't started too many games this year where we have been underdogs.  South Hobart have beaten us twice in recent history, both times it has been 5-0. In last year's final 4 and this year's Hudson cup we have had depleted sides out on the park, but this time we are nearly at full strength and should put in a much better showing.”
Sam Thomson came on for Adam Conkie last week and lifted the intensity, so the young lad will take Adam's place in the team.  Joel Stone has asked to play in the middle of the park against Shae Hickey so I have moved him in to the centre and will push Thomson out to the right of midfield.”
“ Brayden Mann pulled up a little bit sore on Tuesday night so he will rest tonight and he should be ready to go on Saturday.”
“Cedric Cox-Haines will be in goal again. I was really pleased with him last week and I am confident he will do a good job again for us this week. Ben Foote has been the big motivator within this team all year and he is getting the squad pumped up and ready to give a battle worthy of a state semi-final.”
This game will be at Darcy st on Saturday, kicking off at 1pm.
Try your best to split these four, it doesn’t matter who wins though, they will all make a fantastic final next week, good luck to all involved, the mouths are watering!

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