Tuesday, 7 August 2012

20 Man State Squad Revealed

Featuring 6 players from the north, the 20 man squad was announced today.
Ryan McCarragher has won slection for thr 20 man
Tasmanian Training Squad
“The state squad is taking shape and I’ve been impressed with the technical ability of many players,” Mr Reynolds said. “There are a few question marks left so we’ll have one last look at a few players this weekend before making a final decision early next week.”
The Tasmanian squad has been selected with a view to putting the best players in the state on the park – rather than serving as a developmental tool for younger players.  
The Tasmanian side will play Melbourne Victory on the 21st of August at KGV in Hobart.
Northern training was held in driving rain last Sunday at Churchill Park where Kurt watch the players slosh it out in a 40 minute match.
As expected, the weight of players are from the south, but it is good to see some players representing the North in this squad.
Clearly Shannon Rumbal from Launceston United gets the nod as the Northern Keeper of choice, while Nathan Gratton earns the loan place in defence from Devonport.
No suprises to see Brayden Mann in the
State Squad to play Melbourne Victory
The Midfield will be represented by Todd Hingston from Northern Rangers and Ryan McCarragher from Riverside Olympic.
No questions with the two form strikers of the Northern Premier League in Brayden Mann and Chris Hunt getting the opportunity to pull on the Apple Isle shirt, from Ulverstone and Northern Rangers respectively.
As far as getting a chance to put yourself in the A-League spot light, it doesn’t get better than this, as Melbourne Victory  will watch with great interest to see what sort of talent Tasmania has to offer at present.
Good luck to all involve
Tasmanian 20 Man Squad:
Nathan Pitchford                             New Town Eagles
Matthew Ferguson                         South Hobart
Shannon Rumbal                             Launceston United
Eli Luttmer                                          Taroona
Nathan Gratton                                Devonport Strikers
Paul Stevens                                      NTC
Hugh Ludford                                    South Hobart
Cameron Williams                            South Hobart
Ryan McCarragher                           Riverside Olympic
Liam Scott                                           New Town Eagles
Todd Hingston                                  Northern Rangers
Shae Hickey                                        South Hobart
Loic Feral                                             South Hobart
Chris Hunt                                          Northern Rangers
Jamie De Smit                                    NTC
Adam McKeown                              New Town Eagles
Aaron Cairns                                      Clarence United
Brayden Mann                                  Ulverstone
Alex Leszczynski                               New Town Eagles
Andy Brennan                                   South Hobart

The full squad will be announced on Monday 13 August.
Joining Kurt Reynolds in the Tasmanian dugout are former Tasmanian captain Chris McKenna as Team Manager and Mark Prendergast as Sport Trainer.


  1. Did all of the northern boys that got into the squad train on sunday just gone?

  2. what does it matter team was picked before the training anyway.

  3. Please tell me Jesse Curran is injured or unavailable!

    1. Jesse trained but wasn't selected.

    2. well that makes me a poor judge! Cause ive got him the best midfielder in the NPL. In disbelief that he isn't in the squad.

      end of the day, congrats to the 20 that are in, hope you all do well!!

  4. he trained on the sunday.

  5. Yeah its a bit of a farce. Some of the boys didnt turn up for the training yet they still make the cut. Pretty poor that the lads turn up to be picked and train there bums off and don't get a look in. It must depend on who knows who again...

  6. Or on who the best players are....

  7. the bloody side was already picked ask the right people an you will find

  8. Apparently the 16 are already picked also. They are picking the team on what people think... not who takes the time out to train. Well done selectors, great process... not

  9. So who didn't get in who deserved to? Looks about right to me. Joel Stone has a case but not too many others from the north. None from knights city Somerset burnie good enough

  10. Sorry to funk and anon, I accidently deleted your posts re curran and stone

  11. Ryan Mccragher??? Please

  12. Curran and Stone for sure. Both young and could go somewhere further. That's what the selction should be based on. Future opportunities for the younger players. Mann is in great form, no doubting that inclusion. Todd is the NPL's most consistent player. Should make it also. Hunt is hot and cold on form, Ryan is a solid player won't make it, Rumble the best keeper in the north but may miss out and Gratten can head a ball but thats about it. So it should be Todd, Brayden, Joel and Curran in the final cut.