Thursday, 16 August 2012

Launceston City first to reveal 2013 V League coach and interview

                                           Dane taking time out to pose for a pic

I had the chance to catch up with Dane Hudson this week, He has been appointed Launceston City's Victory League coach for 2013.

S.C Firstly Dane congratulations on your new appointment.
D.H. Thanks Sam , very humble, only myself and seven other guys have been accepted to coach at this level. I am very excited as this is the first time i am able to coach at this level.The new role will allow me to see where i am as a coach and will ask alot of me as a person and coach.

S.C The opportunity to coach in the state league, was that something that has been in the move to city or was it just lucky timing?
D.H I left the Knights not having a position, a few clubs had contacted me about coaching or playing a role in their clubs. Yes, the Victory League was always in the back of my mind but just finding a role within a club was my main priority. So no, my decision to move to City was not based on the V League.

S.C What are you hoping to get out of this personally?
D.H Firstly, learn more about mt self as a coach, at the end of the day in my eyes its not about me, it's about the club, where its heading and the players. I guess also, developing the group that i have next year to a succesful and winning team.

S.C From a club point of view, what are their expectations for the 2013 V League?
D.H To give opportunities to players who are looking and willing to step up and play at the highest level in Tasmania and creating a pathway for junior players. Also to develop our playing group to be successful and a winning team.

S.C What angle are you going to approach in the way of your side?
D.H To be at the pointy end, we need a good keeper and a great striker to keep us in the game, and to score the winning goal when it is needed. But the players for next year all have to be there for the right reasons.

S.C After a poor start to this year, City are now finishing off the year in great form, Fighting to play for the finals and stopping fellow V league team the Rangers from taking the title in your last game. Has the fight come from knowing that you are in the V league next year?
D.H I think the desire has come from with in the group.The players have their drive and want to own their own sucess. So no, its all with in the group and the confidence has grown bigger from the first round.

S.C City are known for bringing in imports over the years, with some strong based southern teams looking out side of Tasmania, will City be doing the same?
D.H I would not discount it. You bring the NPL mentality into the V league and you will be dealt with accordingly, so we will look at it.

S.C One of the criterias for the V league were great facilities. There are some people out there that believe that City should not have been granted their licence due to their change rooms. Is the an upgrade before 2013?
D.H (laughs) There was more to the criteria than that, so yeah a lick of paint and a new toilet seat are in order to be done.

S.C Do you think there should be a salary cap?
D.H There is a points cap, So i think it will be evident as the season opens up. So the haves and have nots and the got what i wants will be evident.

Thank you again Dane for your open comments.Sorry for the spelling and puncuation but readers, You get the idea.

Danes mobile and preseason is below.
Preseason starts 10th October,
Venue will be advised
                                           Dane doing what he does best, Talking football.


  1. Good work Sammy and Dane.
    Weekend preview/tipping????
    Donk a bit nervous to write or think about this weekend?
    Go you Sharks! T.D to play upfront and score a hatty.

  2. haha i wish Ben but if you guys want us to score and and win i doubt ill be upfront and i doubt you'd want me up there

  3. Ha. Much sleep last night Capt.?
    I heard the one you scored the other week was a cracker.
    Good luck to all teams, another enjoyable year in the npl with plenty of 'friendly' banter.
    Go NPL in the final series.

  4. Well done huddo. One of the good guys in northern soccer.
    have worked with him in the past and his passion for the game and to improve is second to none.

    On the facilities subject, I think most clubs probably fall short in one area or another (devonport small away rooms, city changerooms in general), and you would hope that with the time frame clubs had to meet criteria, that FFT gave an allowance to get up to standard by a certain time.

    One question, and its not a cheap shot at all. But how do Rangers plan long term to get around the cricket wicket problem? Surely its annoying to the players at rangers (especially with the brand of football they play) to have the wicket block there. Do you see your long term future at NTCA 1? I assume you do with all the effort thats goine into lighting etc..

    also, any early rumoured player movements to Victory league teams?