Wednesday, 15 June 2011

This Week's Fixtures Including Big Outs at Burnie

This week’s fixtures might look straight forward but the results will be a lot closer than anticipated and it would surprise if there wasn’t at least one upset.

Rangers v Launceston City    NTCA         Friday                7.00pm
The NTCA will be lit up on Friday night as Rangers look to keep the heat on Devonport at the top of the table. City will be looking for an upset win to keep their top 4 chances alive and they might fancy their chances after a 0-0 draw in their first round encounter.

Prospect v Burnie                        Prospect Park     Saturday    2.30pm
Burnie make the trip to Prospect Park this week without a few of their first team regulars after Jeremy DeBomford, Kaimon Johnson and Kyrone Johnson walked away from the club, and perhaps the sport. Not having these three will certainly challenge Burnie’s depth against a side gunning for the title. Prospect have some outs also but should be able to cover these losses better than United.

Somerset v Devonport         Cardigan Street   Saturday    2.30pm
Ladder leaders Devonport will go in favourites to win this match but these two teams last encounter ended up being a 4-1 victory to the Sharks. Somerset has found some form of late after pushing Knights all the way last week and beating Ulverstone 3-2 the week before. Devonport are certainly the form side at the moment and will be looking to hand out some payback after their first round loss.

Launceston United v Riverside       Birch Ave   Saturday    2.30pm
Launceston United were unlucky to go down 3-1 to Ulverstone last week, and hopefully they take heart from that performance and keep pushing for that elusive first win of the season. Riverside has not won a game since the 16th of April when they toppled Burnie 3-0. When these two squared off against each other in the first round it was a goal fest, with Riverside triumphing 5-4.

Ulverstone – Bye
Ulverstone coach Nick Owen will be flogging his team to death on the training track as they need a bit of a boost before we take the field in two weeks time. We don’t want B. Foote getting tubby around the edges.


  1. Just to clear up the Burnie review, it's not the club they have walked away from, as all 3 love their club, it's the sport.

  2. Well prove me wrong but if some one walks away from their team mates and are not playing any more.Is that not walking away from the club?

  3. Rangers 4-1
    Lonnie 2-1
    knights 3-0
    somerser 2-1

  4. without a change in attitude Burnie AND the sport are better off without them

  5. Anonymous 22.05,
    It is a very sad day for the club and the sport.The late Brian Johnson was a founder committee member of Burnie United in 1978.His Sons Rodney and Trent and then his three grandsons honoured his memory and the colours of Burnie United.Their parents also served on the committy of the club for some years.I never would have thought that this club would not have a Johnson in its ranks.The D e Bomford family with Sheryl at the helms for some years and sons and daughter also on the field.
    My dear friends by abandoning the sport you do also abandon the club which have been part of your lives for so long.
    I would therefore beg you to reconsider and not allow the recent events to affect you as this club needs you.

  6. Very saddened to read of the decisions of these boys.I too believe in the legacy of clubs sporting and other as put forward by P.C.. Being a long term supporter and playing (not any more)member of a club, i think i understand what you are feeling at the moment Peter. I, like i am sure most, if not all of you, have seen people leave our game for many and varied reasons,some of those reasons dont even rate as excuses.However as an outside (that i must say has no insight into the club other than that which has been offered up on this blog )there seems to have been some problems.I hope that the club with the departure of these persons have now been able to identify or annexed the persons unidentified , but reported by others as being an issue within.

  7. Sad news for Burnie. They had so much promise this year with there playing list.
    I think its time for a new president there. Re build the entire club around youth

  8. not walking away from the club as Jeremy is continuing coaching the women's side.

  9. A lot of our problems down here is the deals that the Darwin Footy Clubs are offering to attract our better players. We have all 3 Treloar boys playing footy at Natone, while Life Member and Dad Ron is torn between supporting his club or theirs on Saturdays.
    While a lot of the lads are reluctant to go, the money they are offered is a great inducement when you are trying to buy a house or pay for the girlfriend.
    Lets hope that we see those 3 back soon as no question they are fantastic players and will be missed by all soccer supporters on the coast.

  10. Launceston Utd to get there first win of the season

  11. Anonymous 01:18
    "without a change in attitude Burnie AND the sport are better off without them"

    Couldnt agree more mate, clubs and the sport especially in Tas dont need characters that arent 100% COMMITTED. The Johnson brothers especially are just troublesome

  12. I would say that the person with the biggest smile would be Chris Smith,Looked like he was the bad one for leaving but how a few weeks change things,good move Chris as these players and club were pulling you down to there level,glad you moved Club and didnt give the game away,credit to you mate.

  13. My friends if you have an opinion about someone have the guts to put a name to it or keep it to yourself.

  14. what opinion are you offering jerry. garn

  15. I love blokes who make up unreal account names... may as well just be annon. Atleast Capt Aus puts his name to everything he writes as does Nick. Credit to you blokes.