Friday, 17 June 2011

Saturday Results

Forestry Tasmania Northern Premier League:
Prospect Knights 3 def Burnie 0
Northern Rangers 2 (Nicholson, Jago) def Launceston City 1 (Macri)
Devonport 7 def Somerset 2
Riverside 4 def Launceston 1

Northern Rangers 3 def Launceston City 1
Prospect Knights 1 drew Burnie 1
Devonport 4 def Somerset 0
Riverside 4 def Launceston 1
Under 18s
Northern Rangers 0 drew Launceston City 0
Burnie 3 def Prospect Knights 1
Devonport 4 def Somerset 1
Riverside 3 def Launceston 2


  1. Good to see Riverside managed to score some goals, looks like the have really struggled to hit the net recently

  2. Sam Hughes disallowed goal yesterday would comfortably win goal of the year

  3. Good games at Prospect and congratulate the Knights on their win and good hospitality.Happy birtday again to my mate Tony.
    The result could be a bit different but for some excellent saves from the young Knights goalkeeper.Burnie performed very well despite being depleted and some players having to play two games.Knights however deserved their win and wish them good luck for the rest of the season.Have to add that Mark Spicer did a very good job referreeing.It was also good to catch up with some old friends and Ray Cook in particular.

  4. thanks PC burnie seniors should hold there heads up high they played well,Wouldn't even no that players double up and the season may be over but you can still take points off top teams and you still have the statewide cup to contest you should beat taroona at home and for the comment that someone put in last week saying first win for lonney i don't think they will beat burnie they are still alot better than them.

  5. hey why was the goal disallowed and talk us through how good it was as i have seen some pretty amazing goals this year! Sam Hughes is a quality player!