Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Northern Rangers To Play South Hobart in Ulverstone

Northern Rangers will do battle with the undisputed power house of Tasmanian Football this Sunday when they take on South Hobart in the Quarter Finals of the State Wide Cup.  One point of interest will be the venue, Northern Rangers have decided the risk is too great to play the match at their home ground at the NTCA, with the recent poor weather and the fact that the ground is already water logged with more rain on the radar.

After a meeting with the head groundsmen Paul Medcraft, the decision was reached, that in the interest of player safety and the ability to play an attractive brand of football, an alternate venue should be found.  Ulverstone Soccer Club have been good to Northern Rangers in the past, and have again agreed to host the club for this fixture.  This ground holds up exceptionally in inclement weather and happens to be available on the weekend. 

"It is regrettable to have to ask Ken Morton and his players to venture a further 100 kms north, but this is the best outcome for all concerned in light of the recent rain, that rain has just made the ground too wet under foot, and with two games of Aussie Rules on the NTCA deck the day before, the chances of the ground being in a condition becoming of such a clash are just beyond reasonable.  We Would like to thank Ulverstone and Rudy Compagne for his generous offer of support in making the ground available." Said the clubs Public Affairs board member Brendan Lichtendonk.

The match will kick off on Sunday at 2pm, and is the only senior men's fixture for the day.  One would hope some of the football supporters on the coast will take the opportunity to make their way to Ulverstone and support both Ulverstone Soccer Club and Northern Rangers in the clash and if nothing else, take the opportunity to witness what promises to be a great match.

In the State Wide Vase competition, Northern Rangers will do battle with Launceston City in the curtain raiser kicking off at 11:30am.


  1. why is it on a Sunday?

  2. attract more of a crowd i'd presume with Burnie and Devonport players able to come down for a look

  3. Was origonally booked for sunday as NTCA was booked for Aussie rules Saturday, wasnt fair to expect people to cancel plans they had made for Saturday at late notice, and yes, the opportunity for people from all around to come on down is also a good thing

  4. Very dissapionted with soccer tas and their rules regarding players that have played more than 1 game in the reserves not being allowed to play. I understand that there needs to be a rule involved but what about the social players that have filled in for a couple of games and are now ineligible...