Sunday, 19 June 2011

George Dale Medal

A few names have been thrown up in regards to the George Dale Medal.

Last year's top 10 were:
Todd Hingston       NR               24
Chris McKenna     DC               21
Bobby Eaves         SO               19
Ben Foote             UL                16
Pip Atherton          PK               14
Brayden Mann       UL               14
Mark Baker           PK               13
Kamil Douglas       DC               13
Chris Smith            BU               13
Sam Hughes          RO               12

Hingston also won in 2009.
McKenna won in 2008.

I need a few names to add to the mix to run a poll. Ben Foote will probably feature in the top 10 again from Ulverstone. Joel Stone is also playing consistantly for us and the highest votes for an Ulvie player will probably be out of these two. Ben, however, is the proven vote getter. Let us know the players in the running from your club to help me put a list together.


  1. Macri?

  2. Goodluck to those Northern League teams still in the Statewide Cup. A massive task for the Rangers, but i hope you can knock South off. Hopefully other teams will support each other on here instead of being critical of each other. We come together for these games regardless of who you play for.

  3. Derek Schipper has been in great form for Rangers this season as has Chris Hunt.

    To quote Todd Hingston "Des is in great GD form"

  4. Brad Chillcott from Devonport. Been in great form this season. Would be the strikers most consistent thus far

  5. Is it really worth discussing as not sure the refs have any chance of getting votes correct if they can't make correct decisions!!!

    But I suppose if you are nice to them u will pole, look at the past winners!

  6. Interesting too see Rangers talk about the GD hmmmm what's the focus boys

  7. anon 02:30

    are you trying to say that the team that plays the best passing or team football in the NPL is a team of individuals???

  8. June 20 02:30, ??? The topic was GD contenders. They answered it, as did Dev. Ridiculous post from you

  9. Anon 2:30 it comes about when the boys are together having a laugh and a beer after games. You guys should try it sometime.

  10. anon 02:30 the focus is to try and make it 3 in a row mate. In a dogfight that we hope to come out of on top

  11. And the Ranger army bites !!!!!!!

    So is the focus 3 GD in a row or 3 titles lol

    how dare anyone say anything against Rangers shame shame

  12. The Ranger Army Bites because you made a stupid comment, as was posted, this thread is for discussing GD medal, and why wouldnt you. aside from that, if the supporters of the club didnt defend it, what sort of a club would we be, probably something like yours! who ever you are?

    Kenny will pole very well, always does and is scoring goals with ease!

    Sesay will get a few from knights but now has been suspended, and think Wilson will pole well while he is here from goals. probably a two horse race for me Kenny or Schipper

  13. Todd Hingston for G.D. medal its that facial hair that attracts the votes

  14. Captain Aus !

    How is the comment stupid ? it was stated that a player thought a player was in GD form therefore it makes the point that certain plays think about winning the GD when most players and teams dont give it a thought one bit, until the actual night !

    The topic is who will win not what arrogance is shown by your team in discussions internal !!

    Hey but we all know Rangers arent humble in their success, little as it is !

    Ex Ranger

  15. No response required for gutless anonymous ex rangers my friend

  16. As I thought Captain Aus as you have no response!!!

  17. mckenna to win again! should be by 10 votes too!

    hopefully FFT and the referees get the vote slips correct this year! wouldn't be rocket science to put the names of the vote getters in writing would it? That way we'll avoid the error that was made last year!