Wednesday, 25 May 2011

This Week's Fixtures

Thank Grobbelaar we are back to talking about our league!

Launceston City v Prospect Knights
Launceston City has had a week off and will be looking to return to form after their 4-1 loss to Ulverstone 2 weeks ago. The Knights did enough to get over the line against Launy Utd in their last league game; however they bowed out of the Statewide Cup last week after losing a close one to Rangers. Prospect will be looking to take full advantage should Rangers drop points to the Strikers.

Riverside v Ulverstone
Both teams will be less than satisfied after losing to some average southern teams in the cup and will be glad to have a chance to put those performances behind them. Ulverstone won in the dying minutes of this fixture last year and this game should prove just as close.

Burnie United v Launceston United
It is the first time this year that Burnie find themselves on a winning streak after beating Somerset and Nelson over the past two weekends. They will be confident of continuing the streak against a side that were pumped 7-0 by Devonport in heavy fog at Valley Rd. Launy United will surely earn themselves a league victory this year. Will it be this week?

Devonport v Northern Rangers
This is a massive game for both teams. Devonport has flown under the radar a little bit this year but they find themselves 1 point off the top of the ladder and in with a strong chance of knocking off and leapfrogging a quality Rangers side. Rangers have been hit with a few injuries of late. Will this start to catch up with them or will their depth shine through?

Somerset – Bye
Will Chris Smith head along to Montello and be bench coach for his mate, Sam Cocks???


  1. City 1 knights 3
    River 1 ulv 3
    Burnie 4 launy 3
    Dev 2 rangers 2
    The top four at the end of the season will be the four teams on top after this weekends games.

  2. Gerry Gunton25 May, 2011 04:06

    Perhaps people should be made aware that Burnie utd have a perfectly good and experienced Bench Coach in Stuart Graham and unless he is for some pressing reason unavailable the services of other persons are not required

  3. Knights 4-0
    River & Ulvie Draw
    Burnie 3-1
    Port 2-1

  4. Knights 3-1
    Burnie 3 nil
    Riveride 2-1
    Rangers 2-1

  5. I would have thought that the chances of Chris Smith being bench coach at Burnie this year were the same as Ulverstone's chances of wnning the Statewide Cup. Was intended to be more tongue in cheek. Sorry to anyone who took this the wrong way


  6. City 1 knights 3
    River 2 ulv 3
    Burnie 4 launy 2
    Dev 2 rangers 4

    Is there an apprentice Bench Coach?
    Has Julius Ross travelled past Campbell Town?
    Will Anonymous finally reveal their true identity?
    Will Chris have a run in the Darwin on the weekend?

  7. Hahahaha, Im the coach and if chris wants to bench coach he is more than welcome stu and i would love to have him.....
    Sam Cocks

    Nice nick lol

  8. Sam, you make it sound like Chris left for no reason and everyone would be happy to have him back.
    No one is buying it mate.

  9. Its not for sale for starters MATE. Chris and i have been talking today and he knows exactly why it is there.
    As for what terms Chris left they were chris's decisions and he knows where his support is for doing it too.
    So lets actually talk about now and not yesterday.
    Dev- Rangers 2-2
    Burnie 4-1
    Ulverstone 2-1
    Sam Cocks

  10. I thought this blog was to talk about FOOTBALL not an individual.Not sure why your still bringing up the Burnie and Chris Smith thing Nick?Do you not have anything else to write about?I know he is happy out at Somerset and i know for a fact he reads this blog,so if u wanna know why he left,or if he and Sam infact are really mates ask him in a post and i'm sure he would reply to you,just a thought.

  11. I have apologised once if people are offended and I'll say it again. Sorry if it offended. It was meant to be tongue in cheek. If you look back through the weekly fixture posts I normally say something light-hearted/stupid about whichever team has a bye. e.g. Whitemore shining his head, McGinn sipping lattes and knitting. I added that in too stir Sam Cocks up a bit as I know he takes a joke well. I don't know Chris and I'm not particularly interested in why he left. It is good to hear he's happy up at the Sharks. Sounds like it was a good move for him.

    Nick Owen

  12. Comments like that are not tongue in cheek they are just stupid !

    But hey if you want to set yourself up go ahead !

    to the real topic:

    City 1 Knights 2
    Riv 3 ulv 2
    Bur 3 Lonnie 2
    Dev 1 Rangers 1

  13. According to their web site Hingston and Hunt back for Rangers this weekend

  14. Maybe Mr Burns and Smithers will be both at the Burnie game with keen interest.
    "Interesting mmmmm very interesting Smithers".

  15. Whats Devs new player like? Anyone seen him? Mckennas cousin ive heard.

  16. McKenna's cousin is a better looking bloke than him, not as old, and has less wrinkles...

  17. Annon 15:26. Put ur name after your comment so we know who cares so much about the Chris smith comment. And get over it. Rob McDonald(Kennys) cousin scored a nice goal and looked alright from wat u could see a valley road on Friday.