Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Lakoseljac Cup Fixtures

Lakoseljac Statewide Cup
Devonport City                 v              Launceston Utd                                Valley Rd                             Friday 7.30pm
These two teams have faced each other once this year with Devonport triumphing 5-2. Launy United had a good win under lights in the qualifying round against Launy City and, if they can manage a win again on Friday night, don’t be surprised if there is the odd erection or four in the corners at Birch Ave the following week. They might even put some light poles up too!
Prospect                              v              Rangers                                               Prospect Park                    Sat 2.00pm
Both teams will have cringed at the news of drawing each other in the cup as they are both even on points at the top of the NPL ladder. Rangers might be the more confident of the two sides going into the match as they administered the Knights only loss of the season so far with a 3-0 victory. Chris Hunt scored a spectacular brace that day so one would assume, if he is fit, that Prospect will pay him a bit more respect at the top of the box this time.
Taroona                               v              Riverside                             Kelvedon Park                   Sat 2.00pm
I put it out there on Walter Pless’ blog that River would flog Taroona and I still stand by my prediction. Taroona are currently sitting 4th in League One in the south, however, when these sides faced off in last year’s cup there was only a goal in it. Taroona will go in underdogs and could spring a surprise but this isn’t likely.
Nelson                                  v              Burnie                                   North Warrane                 Sat 2.30pm
Put your house on Burnie if you can. The biggest challenge for Burnie will be finding the ground! Nelson has won 2 games in League 1, both against Southern FC who are rubbish (Sorry Southern FC). Big win coming up for Burnie. Nuff said.
Olympia                               v              Ulverstone                         Warriors Park                     Sat 3.00pm
Strangely, of the eight cup games, this is the only NPL v SPL fixture. We play down on the synthetic shagpile that is Warrior Park. We don’t know whether to pack boots or moccasins, nor do we know if there is a ‘no shoes on the carpet’ rule. Olympia sit bottom of the SPL but it is a proud club who will be looking to progress as far as they can to lift their spirits. It should be a close game.

Other Games
South Hobart                     v              Kingborough                      South Hobart                     Sat 2.00pm
Glenorchy Knights           v              Newtown Eagles              KGV                                       Sat 5.15pm
Tilford Zebras                    v              Clarence Utd                      KGV                                       Sat 7.30pm


  1. $5 slippers at k mart which might be better suited on the ol' carpet

  2. Normal boots worn at Warrior Park - but go easy on the slide tackles if you want any skin left !

  3. Leon thurley would have a field day

  4. Ulverstone to get the win, i can tell you that the surface at olympia is great to play on and yes you can wear your normal boots. ball runs well on it but is hard on the legs and also you end up with a bit of rubber in your boots :) great facilities down there at warrior park but just watch out for the olympia spectators, i can see cal foote wanting to have a go at them ;)
    ulverstone to win 3-2... shut fielding down, you shut olympia down, slow at the back, ulvies forwards to be too quick for them, while Olympia's forwards are sharp and agile, they struggle to create anything. dont let them play wide and you shut the service down with cronk and nandan there, just my thoughts, hopefully this helps nick-o :D

    Brayden Mann

  5. haha yeh my advice is dont slide at all and be prepared for sore calves and achilles for a few days after, agree with brayden shut down fielding and their width and ulvie for a win is my bet

  6. We use quite a bit of this FIFA approved synthetic field here in Singapore due to the weather. Your warm up an the field is crucial. Get the boys to get use to kicking and controlling the ball on that ground as soon as possible. Less of the running but more of the ball during warm-up.
    Tactically you may want to be tighter on the first 10-15 min so that the boys get use to the ground. Because if I am Olympia I will not give you time to settle down and will snatch an early goal. All the best!

    Roslan Sa'ad
    Northern Rangers

  7. No Hingston, Ambrose or Hunt for Rangers according to Walters site, Knights easily if this is the case.

  8. Where are Launceston City playing this weekend?

  9. Rangers and Knights both have players out, so will be another close game at Harley, as often is.

    I like Burnie, River and Ulvies chances, Dev should get over Launny, particularly with the long awaited debut of the famous cousin of Chris. Will be interesting to see how good the guy is, if from the same blood line, should be a stand out.

    Should have our fair share of Northern Teams to the next round, and atleast 2 of top three almost assured to be there!

    Good luck all

  10. funny that the anonymous comments where are city playing...?? have your club won the statewide cup?? come on who do you support funny how you bring that one up

  11. anon 6.12

    Dont get so annoyed mate, pretty easy to get you going, in saying that you may have won this cup on a few occasions,but we live in the now, and if memory serves me right, you guys havent been in the main draw since 2008 and then you went out early!!!