Monday, 9 May 2011

Interview with Burnie United Coach Sam Cocks

I asked Sam a few questions via email and received the following responses.

Nick Owen - I'm sure there are a few, but what do you think the number one reason is
for your poor results this season?

Sam Cocks - The biggest 2 problems have been very poor finishing and people thinking it is ok to get a red card during a game.

O - Does Burnie have a problem with discipline?

SC - Yes, But until the city game they were all for dissent. I’m not going into them because everyone will have a different view. I know some can’t keep their mouth shut and trust me I will be using tape on their mouth instead of their socks from now on. But also, not just from B.U.F.C point, I know a lot of other clubs also think this so called GREAT rule about swearing is a joke. It has effected many results and players self moral.

O - What are your goals for the rest of the season?

SC - I think the title is long gone...But we can still have our own targets to meet and still try and win as many games as we can and still make it hard for the top teams to win when they play us again. Also we still have the cup to look forward to and will be concentrating on that as well.

O - Have there been any positives to come out of this season so far?

SC - Sure, if we can beat the reigning premier for the last 2 years it does show that somewhere behind all of the things that are happening we can mix it and beat the best. Also to me a positive is the way the senior boys are responding to this poor run. They are all so positive and are taking this as a challenge and not let it get to them.

O - You play Somerset and Launceston Utd to finish off the first round, what sort of improvements do you hope to see in these games?

SC - Wins are the only acceptable improvements we can ask for. We control the games and create chances but can’t finish. So this week, no running, no passing, just shooting and shooting with our mouths tapped up.

O - When the results don't go your way, do you think there is extra focus on you as a player/coach?

SC - No not at all. The only focus is what I put on myself. At the start of the year I have stated Stuart Grahem is my assistant coach. He is there Tues and Thurs nights and come Saturday he takes over and allows me to concentrate on playing.

I asked Sam about the effect of Chris Smith’s departure and he said they were still great mates and they talk every week and he’d rather not comment. Fair enough.

Thanks to Sam for the time. Like he said, if you’d like him to answer a question then just post it. If it has a name on it I’ll almost definitely post it. If it is from Anon and I think it’s just stirring the pot then there is no chance.
P.S. NO (Nick Owen) is kind of confusing if your brain is small so I just use O.

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  1. Well done Sam for your honest and forthright answers particularly to the one of discipline.
    Have long thought your team has the ability but without that discipline will struggle through the year..Descipline comes out of culture..and culture takes time to change...Hope for your clubs sake you succeed you have players good enough to win matches they just need to learn to play the game and stay disciplined.