Saturday, 14 May 2011


Sorry the Blog was out for a while!!

Ulvie 4 - 1 Laun City

Somerset 1 - 2 Burnie

Devonport 3 - 1 Riverside

Prospect 4 - 2 Launceston Utd


  1. appreciate these results, cheers.
    any chance of also confirming reserves results?

  2. Can only tell you it was 7-0 to Laun City in Reserves.

  3. Dev Def River Res 6-0

  4. Reserves:
    Prospect Knights 6 Launceston Utd 0

  5. Devonport ressies 6-0 over river

  6. Prospect 6 Launceston 0
    Devonport 6 Riverside 0

    Not sure on Burnie v Somerset

  7. Burnie - somerset Ressy game abandoned after nasty incident with ex somerset player now playing for Burnie looking to have a nasty injury. Anybody out there gotany news on how he is?? last I saw he left in an Ambo

  8. Match called off after 60 mins due to an injury requiring ambo Burnie won 5-2

  9. Somerset 2 Burnie 5 Reserves game result. Game cut short injury to Burnie Player Jewell. Result to stand.
    Somerset 1 Burnie 4 Unders Game result.

  10. I look forward to reading the match report Nick,City must have been desperatly unlucky .

  11. May I quote someone?
    "Anonymous said...
    Are people going to sit up and start taking notice of City now? Who would of thought they would be in the top four? They have been pretty impressive so far this year yet for some reason not a lot of people rate them.
    Does it surprise anyone that Ulverstone are slipping? A few easy games to start the year had a few people starting to think they were the real deal but they still can't match it with the top sides. Hard work will never make up for quality.
    I think Riverside may be in danger of dropping off the pace a little so all in all it looks to be down to three.

    07 May, 2011 19:46 "

    Where art thou my annonymous friend, where are thou?

  12. Beckham - I take it you didn't see the Ulverstone v Launceston City game? I'm wondering why you would think that Launy were "desperately unlucky" to lose 4-1?
    Captain Australia - there's a few Anonymous characters on here making bold or stupid statements. Mustn't be too confident in their statements if they can't put their name to their words.
    Nicko - you're right - consistency to back up this good result is what's needed. Enjoy the win but it counts for nothing if a few more wins can't be strung together.

  13. No Dave i didnt see the game , however i may have applied a goodly amount of tongue in cheek.

  14. Cheers Becks - hard to read the 'subtext'. Thought you may have had a different angle on the game.

  15. So what happened to City, according to one poster Ulvie were gone for all money??