Monday, 2 May 2011

Poll Result - Golden Boot

 It was a dead heat between Matty Sessay and Chris Hunt at the top of the poll with both players receiving about 25% of the votes each. Chris McKenna came in third with about 10% of the vote and the rest of the votes were fairly evenly spread. The ‘others’ option got 6 votes also.
So let’s hear your top three in order. Give us 1st, 2nd and 3rd and also add your roughie.


  1. 1. Chris McKenna - Be very surprised if he didn't take out the Golden Boot. The ability to score big bags in games seperates him from the rest.

    2. Matty Sessay - Too inconsistent to top this table, a tricky player in a side that will be there or there abouts come seasons end, means plenty of opportunities to score.

    3. Chris Hunt - Looks like a classy player, in the premiership favourite side. The reason he is third is because he is new to the NPL and I haven't seen enough of him.

    Roughie: Macri, Hughes, Smith, Eaves, Grey could all be in the top 3 here. Bremner would be your best bet outside of the above 3 though. Proven goal scorer with Rangers and has his name on the sheet a few times with Burnie already this year.

  2. Antony Macri 1
    Chris Mckenna 2
    Matty Sessay 3