Sunday, 1 May 2011

Match Report - Knights v Ulverstone

Match Report - Prospect v Ulverstone
There weren’t many highlights from this game to talk about really. An uneventful first half resulted in a nil all stalemate at the half. There were a few nervous moments in front of the Ulverstone goal and Conor Meaney attempted a pass instead of shooting when he was 1 on 1 with the keeper. Both sides had a few long range efforts but on these occasions ambition outweighed ability.

In the second half the Knights started to press forward and push for a goal. Our defence were under immense pressure for long periods and finally succumbed with about 10 minutes to go with an easily taken goal by Ben Croswell. Prospect took their foot of the pedal after the goal, mainly due to fatigue I would guess as they put an enormous amount of effort in to scoring that goal. They had been up and pressing hard for 35 minutes so it was probably time to relax a bit physically, sit a few behind the ball and hold on for a 1-0 win. The goal we scored was probably due to a lapse in concentration from a set piece and somehow the ball went in after numerous players competed in the air on the edge of the six yard box with only 2 minutes to go.

After reflecting on the game for a day, I appreciate more what we got out of it. Our oldest player for the last 2 weeks has been Dallas Baldock at the ripe old age of 22. I am a lucky coach in that I have 11 players every week who battle their guts out even when things aren’t going right, and that can be forgotten in the emotion of the day. The Knights have a full team of experienced, Premier League hardened players whereas we have only 4. The rest are talented young players who aren’t scared to have a crack. I shouldn’t overlook the fact that we held a quality side to only one goal and that is a real credit to our team. We had Iain Roberts-Thompson make an excellent debut. We had Josh Laing play his second game and do an excellent job also. We had Callum Foote play in defence for the first time ever I think and he took Sessay out of the game. We didn’t have a single minute of senior experience on the bench yet we managed a draw. In hindsight the day went OK.


  1. Some big games River and Knights was big as it gets along with Port v Ulvie.

    No Wells or Skene for Somerset so Ranges should be too strong at home.

    City have been big improvers and there game at Burnie looks like being a good game. Burnie cant win the league from here but can still have a big say in who does.

    Is it too ealy to say its a good league this year

  2. Sessay hasn't got much when marked by the right person which we proved twice this year. Also surely one would think knights would get rid of grandad down back and put in a youngster....Hudson should check the 'used by date' on Balaym.

  3. While Anton is pulling the strings Nathan will stay in the team. Reading Walters wite Dane takes the weekday training and Pip, Mark and Anton pick the team.

    Thats my understanding on how it works.

    Knights still have only conceded 5 goals in 5 games, and 3 of team were in the one match.

  4. If you think I will pick Nathan purely on the fact he is my brother then you dont have a glue !

    Since when was mid 30's a grandad !

    In case you want to know, our average age is 23 !


  5. Knights keeper taken out in Ulverstones Goal !

    second time this year in 1's & 2's that a game has been decided by the ref !

    Sessay taken down in the box by two Ulverstone Players.

    Player on a yellow card warned for a late tackle and told if you didnt have a yellow you would have got one ! (hello, its off)

    In a close season I feel that the ref's may decide on the outcome as they have allready had a part in Burnies rot !

  6. What a ridiculous Pole !

  7. I thought about whether the pole was appropriate or not before putting it up. I figured Sam might use the results as something to spur them on a bit. I can take it down if you find it that offensive. just send me a post as to why you think it's ridiculous and I'll take it down and just delete your post.

  8. Dont Nick its fine by me.At the end of the day its how people think and at the moment they have the right to put us as woodern spooners.Yeah motivation maybe, but a laugh deffinately.
    Congrats to tom and his boys too.On Saturday they never said never.Thats the difference between great(Dev & Rangers)And Good (Burnie)Dev had ten men and 2 chances and scored.We had ten chances with 11 men with 2 one on ones and only scored 1.
    But its not over until the fat lady sings,Some say already but we will see!!!
    Sam Cocks

  9. Would have thought that would be obvious!

    There is no doubt that Burnie would have set their goals high at the start of the season and the results to date aren’t great!

    It would be a big surprise to see them finish top 3 which would have been a goal, so to now after a run of loses ask everyone to post there thoughts on where they will finish is just rubbing it in!

    From someone that doesn’t support Burnie!

  10. Dont worry about it Nick, its ust another poll to get people interested. You could run it on whatever just another addition to what is a great forum. Keep up the good work

  11. Burnies attitude and culture has more to do with its current ladder position...If they focused more on the football and less on what the ref was or wasnt doing they would be much higher up the ladder..Once you take you mind off the job and worry about everything the ref is doing you then have no chance of posting a win.

  12. Thought this was about ulverstone v knights ??????