Friday, 3 February 2012

Steve Hudson Cup

This year’s Steve Hudson Cup sees 9 senior teams competing. There are 6 teams from the NPL: Launceston City, Riverside, Prospect, Rangers, Ulverstone, and hosts Launceston United. There are also 3 from the SPL including Glenorchy Knights and 2011’s state finalists Newtown Eagles and South Hobart.

Due to the number of teams the format will be different this year. All teams will be in the one group. Each team will either play 4 games or 3 games and a bye. The team with the bye will be given 3 points but will have no goals added to their goal difference. Top 2 teams play in the final and the rest play off according to their ladder position. Another change is that some games will be played on Friday night, but these only include Launceston teams.

Week 1

Friday, 10th February
Ground 1
Prospect Knights
Launceston Utd

Sunday 12th February
Ground 1
Glenorchy Knights
Ground 1
Newtown Eagles
Ground 1
South Hobart
Ground 2
Rangers U/18’s
Glen. Knights U/18
Ground 2
Laun. Utd U/18’s
South Hobart U/18’s
Ground 2
Laun. Utd Women
FFT Women

A big year lies ahead and I would like to thank Donk in advance for all his help. To make this site better it would be nice to have someone from each club to add to it. Please contact me by email if you think you can help.


  1. I guess someone has to say it.... Pretty silly only some of the teams have a bye and they are just given 3 points...

    Hopefully common sense will prevail and the Hobart teams will be given a bye as they already play in the Southern Comp

    1. Eight out of the none teams will also play in play-offs . 4 games in five weeks is normally enough for pre-season.

  2. ANy confirmation on Dane Hudson resigning?

  3. So much for e pre season cup for the North !

    Maybe we can all join in the south comp, ow that right we cant !

  4. What are everyones thoughts on the 1st Round of the SHC?

    My predictions:

    Launceston 2-1 (News that Dane has resigned and the loss of players will make this a more even contest. Plus Launcestons boom recruits will rise to the occasion)

    Riverside/Knights 2-2 (River have only played one practice match v Beachside, so cant gauge their performance. Knights seem to be getting some better results. So sitting on the fence)

    Ulverstone 2-1 (Conkie boys and Mann will be nig ins. Havent heard much about Eagles down south. Keeping very quiet this year.)

    South Hobart 5-0 (Both teams have lost some quality players, but I think South will still have too much quality over what I suspect will be a young Rangers squad.)

    Good to be back into the swing of things. Lets hope its a good pre season comp.

  5. Rumour has it Prospect Knights coach has walk from the club. Hopefully they can find someone before the start of the season, not the best time to loose a coach.

  6. Duffy not playing for Knights.. they are stuffed this year

  7. They'll be right. Old fossil down back is a magic player.....!

  8. "Old Fossill" down back led the defence with the league's least number of goals. Love him or hate him, I'd say thats a job well done!

  9. These aer the rumours Ive heard from Prospect and they are just rumour:

    Sessay in Melb
    Dane has left
    Hilly and Duffy to South Hobart
    Crosswell returned to Hobart
    No keeper Wilson heading to UK again,Galagher in WA and Beardwood retired.
    Sean Harris not playing

  10. What new playes are at Lonnie United will finish bottom again. Remember last year Lonnie talked themselves up during preseason only to finish the season with no points and only 1 point in last 3 seaons

  11. I'd have said it was the younger duffy in front of him who probably played more of a part. The boy had a great year and would have been my most improved..

    I hope he can do it two years in a row because he's going to need to

  12. AnonymousFeb 8, 2012 07:00 PM
    All true.

  13. Rumours on Knights are not all true! Right us off if you like as per last year but I know we will fight back from a position that is not great at the moment!

    Given Dane has decided to coment in the media I will respond by saying we all wish him the best and his decision was a shock but I am sure all coaches don't have it their way on the time so the key is what you do about it?

    Walk away or fight?