Tuesday, 28 February 2012

This Weeks Fixtures

Hudson Cup (Birch Ave)
Prospect   Knights v Northern Rangers  - 11:00AM
Riverside Olympic v New Town Eagles - 1:00 PM
South Hobart v Launceston  - 2:30PM (Ground 2)
Glenorchy Knights  v Ulverstone – 3:00PM

North West Summer Cup (Montello) Note Change of Venue!!!
Burnie United v Ulverstone - 2:30PM
Somerset Sharks v Devonport Strikers – 4:30PM


  1. PK v NR 1-3
    RO v NT 1-1
    SH V LC 4-0
    GK V U 0-2

  2. It will be great to see Nathan 'Shack' Gratton and his brother Nick play in the same team this weekend for Devonport. Kurtley Howard is a possible starter for Dev against Somerset. His first game for 2012.

  3. Come on guys, the only way reason I stay interested in the NPL is because of the posts on here...get around it!

    NR 10 - PK 0 (Knights are gone!)
    RO 3 NT 1 (NT are overrated, talk a good game though!)
    SH 6 LC 1
    GK 2 Ulv 2

  4. I think you will find that Prospect have picked up Sam Cocks, and still have a couple of players to come back into their side. Dont think they will be title challengers again this season, but they wont be the easy beats of the competition that some people are suggesting.

    RO 3-1
    SH 4-0
    Ulv 2-1

  5. If sam coq's lines up for the knights on the weekend i'll...... be amazed. Why they would chase him is one of the great mystery's of the world.
    Somehow i doubt it will happen though.

  6. Knights still going to be a challenge for most teams this year. I wouldn't be writing them off, they will definitely have some holes... but hopefully their youth can plug them somewhat.

    My thoughts:

    Rangers 3-1 (Rangers to try make the finals, hope ulvie slip)
    Roly 3-1 (looking sharp thus far)
    South 5-1 (South to bang in the first 5, then concede one on the counter)
    Ulvie Knights 2-2 (Think Knights will bring up a pretty strong team since they didn't make the southern semis.)

    G.Tams NRFC

  7. "RO 3 NT 1 (NT are overrated, talk a good game though!)"

    NTE didnt PLAY too bady today either !!!