Sunday, 19 February 2012

Local coverage in the Examiner Newspaper.

Supporters of the code in the North.  Can I urge you to visit the Examiner web site at least on a Monday morning and hit the local sport section and view Mark Baker’s report on the weekend’s game each week.

If we are serious about getting a better deal with the local paper, then lets vote with our feet so to speak, and hit the examiner website and get our hit counter going, thus showing the examiner that there is interest in the sport in the north.

This blog proves there is interest, and if we show the local paper some support, then I would assume they will give Bakes efforts more reward, and hopefully push us closer to the back and give more coverage of individual clubs.

I know that when approaching potential sponsors, one of the questions that come up is what sort of media exposure can we expect if we get involved? So the more pics and reports in the examiner the better your chances of landing a good sized sponsor.

Do your bit, if only for 1 a minute on Mondays, and support a paper that can provide greater support to us.

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  1. One of the Facebook users out there should start a group for results to go on. It would be the quickest way you could get results from other grounds on a weekend (especially for reserves & under 18's). It could also be used to put links to newspaper reports etc.

    And no, I'm not doing it!