Saturday, 21 January 2012

Devonport Take Out Mies Family Cup.

Brad Chilcott shoots for  Devonport against Prospect
Devonport were crowned the Mies family Cup Champions today after a 0-0 Final against Ulverstone  was decided on penalties 4-2 in Devonport’s favour.
Both Coastal clubs looked very strong and made a statement to the rest of the competition in the first hit out for the year.
Chris Mckenna’s Devonport looked as strong if not stronger than 2011, while Ulverstone will be one of the big improvers of 2012 if this snippet was anything to go by.  Nick Owens Conkie brothers were in good touch and age has obviously not bothered them at all.  With Connor Meanie and Braden Mann still to come back, Ulverstone will be a team to be careful of.
Both Devonport and Ulverstone had big wins in the 50 minutes matches, Ulverstone getting to the final with a pair of 4-0 wins over Northern Rangers and the NTC respectively, while Devonport hit Prospect Knights 3-0 and Launceston City’s second side 4-0.
Foote was in good form scoring a fine goal against
Northern Rangers
Launceston must be the happiest though recording 2 wins in the competition to get their hopes up of some improvement in the league later in the year.
All results were as follows:
Launceston City 2 def Northern Rangers 1
Launceston Utd 2 def Prospect Knights 0
Launceston United 1 def Launceston City Two 0
Devonport 3 def Prospect Knights 0
Ulverstone 4 def Northern Rangers 0
NTC 0 drew Launceston City 0
Devonport 4 def Launceston City two 0
Ulverstone 4 def NTC 0

Devonport 0 drew Ulverstone 0 – Devonport won 4-2 on Penalties.
Also Today, Riverside hosted Beachside in a friendly match at
Windsor Park, results are not known at this stage though.



  1. If I remember correctly 5-3 or 5-2 to Riverside.

  2. Ulverstone looked like they were without a few players, and they look like they have found a good keeper from somewhere. I noticed only one foote playing and with meanie and mann to come back, they should be looking for a top 3 finish. Any other predictions this year? for all levels??

  3. Their keeper is an outfield player whether he'll keep for the whole season or not?

    By the way who's in the Steve Hudson Cup this year? I've heard there is 12 teams!?

  4. Their "good keeper" is one of their outfield players...though I agree, he did have a great game.

  5. Silky had a blinder against us, should stop there Nick!!!!
    anon Jan 23, I think Ulvie should aim to win it, depth might be an issue, but if they keep their best 14 fit, they shoudl give it a shake this year!

  6. If ulvy are looking for a keeper this year?Nick get in contact with Chris Smith from Somerset,He is keen for keeping spot.He been training with his dad bob who was one of the best keepers going round in his day,would be a good pick up for use as use are looking for a keeper.Seen him training and is in fine form.Ask many people bout Bob Smith and you will find that he was a top keeper.just trying to help.give him a call mate

  7. I did play against Bob in the old state league days... quality keeper! Would love to contact him but I don't know how. Maybe if you see him you could let him know we'd love to have him along. Or let me know by email how to contact him. That goes for any other keeper about. We don't have a keeper for seniors, reserves or U/18's. They are a rare breed!

  8. Back on the Mies cup who won player of the tournament?

  9. Adam Conkie from Ulvie was player of the tournament.

  10. Who cares about Chris Smith? Always a mention on here then no one follows up.Sounds like some one is trying to blow thier own trumpet here!!!!!

  11. Agele Luate is an amazing player all class.

  12. Chris isn't even playing this year from when i talked to him last.So i doubt anyone is blowing anything Anon 3:25.

  13. Anon Jan 31, 5:12. Who are you to say that and who is Agele?

  14. Sounds like chris smith is after another mention anon 2.57

  15. My predictions for this seaon.

    Ulvie to be a contender with Brayden back and the return after many years of the conkies. Finally Joel Stone may have something to chirp about of any substance.

    Devonport premiership favourites with few loses and a strong squad.

    Rangers and Knights both to drop off the pace, with both teams having reported losses from last years squad.

    City, Burnie, Somerset, Riverside about the same as last year.

    Lonni United last again

  16. Who has Knights lost ?