Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Rumour Mill Part Two

Feel free to share the goss on the grape vine again.

We can't figure out how to make the old rumour mill stick to the top, so you can all start over.

Big Talking point might be the Somerset recruits and word that Burnie will only feild a NPL and U18 side in 2013.

Welcome as always, the educated prediction's for ladder placings in both the NPL and Victory League, they are always intersting to go back to later in the year.

Personally I predict a non Victory League club to win the NPL.


  1. 9th February, wow! where did that come from?
    I spoke with FFT 2 weeks ago after noting that the roster showed first cup match we play would be on March 30th in the Cup, and then reading that there may be qualifiers on March 16th, which they confirmed depending on the number of clubs who apply.
    Now we are told, with just 1 weeks notice that we are to play in Launceston. Well lets just say that we entered the Cup this year with an aim to be as competitive as possible, however we haven't even started up at the club yet and have not registered any players. Why we weren't given some advance warning of this is astoundingly poor organising. I have been in contact with FFT virtually every week since early December.
    No doubt more to come on this.

  2. A great one to start the new mill off.
    Snow Compagne playing at Ulverstone....

    1. Thanks NB for letting it out earlier than expected, but I guess everyone was going to find out eventually once the season started. I don't know if this information is really newsworthy though, an almost 43 year old 'hasbeen' returning to his orginal club to play with his older brother for the first time ever, but whatever gets people talking.
      Snow Compagne

  3. Is the one Mann wrecking ball going to 'demolish' defences across the state this year?

  4. Annon 4:53,
    Not sure how true your rumor is, but I have been told both he and Rudy will line up for Somerset in Div 1 this year. Maybe snow would like to comment.

    As for the Mann, 34 goals and golden boot I predict

    Sam cocks

    1. Wrong on Snow Sam, I hope your not wrong about Brayden!!!

  5. Has Toby Signed with Rangers ???