Monday, 21 January 2013

Great Write up in weekends Advocate Newspaper.

Check it out @


  1. I'm sure if I didn't love Bobby Eaves, it still would be ok.
    There is a lot of love there for him(self)

    1. Necessary to post shit comments like this admins? Poor form!

  2. Wishing Devonport a very successful coming season and I am sure they will make the coast proud.

  3. Annon 16:28,
    I was the one who allowed that post through. As I know Bobby pretty well and probably better than your self. I found it very funny. Not to wards Bobby but funny that the Annon would post something like that. Plus I know Bobby would be laughing too and thinking what a TWAT the person is... Now if it does offended Bobby I am sure he will tell me pretty soon or it may inspire him to have a spray tan....
    It's a fine line to allow and disallow posts.
    If it was directed at some one my self or Brendon didn't know really well it wouldn't go through.
    But if you are also happy to tell us poor form for allowing these posts, why don't you put your name to your comment as well or even become a follower!!!

  4. Sam, I think we are losing credibility!!!

  5. donk you have no credibility bud