Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Northern Clubs to face off in Qualifying Round of State Wide Cup.

The Johnson's are rumoured to be returning
to the sport, but at Somerset, and could
be named for the State Cup clash
Somerset and Launceston Untied will need to rally their troops and new recruits early this year, if they are to progress in the State wide cup and earn a chance to do battle with the Victory League Clubs.
The two find themselves in the Qualifying rounds due to their placing in the NPL in 2012.  The top six sides automatically qualify from the North and South Premier Leagues, with all other entries needing to progress through the qualifying round.
Burnie did not enter the State Wide Cup this season.
Launceston came out of the hat first, followed immediately by the Sharks, ensuring a Northern faceoff at Birch Avenue, on the unusually early date of Saturday the 9th of February, just before the Hudson Cup starts.
The two sides have just over a week to prepare now, and the early date will have a big say in the outcome.
Launceston’s form has been solid during the Mies Family Cup, and may have the edge over Somerset with regards to preparation, however Somerset are rumoured to have recruited well in the off season, and could yet boast some names from the 2011 Burnie side.
The other fixtures are all Southern affairs with the Taroona playing  Nelson, Beachside going head to head with Victory League club Glenorchy Knights, in what is sure to be the match of the round and
Southern FC hosting University.  Southern fixtures will be played on Monday the 11th of Feb, Regatta day in the south.
In other Somerset news, Somerset will hold an open club meeting on Wednesday the 30th with FFT Officials and local councillors to discuss the difficulties the club faces this season.
We understand Somerset is struggling with the costs of owning their own facilities and the player vacuum caused by the inaugural Victory League.
Water costs have sky rocketed in the past 4 years, not to mention the costs of maintenance and electricity, while there will be no Eaves on the Somerset team sheets in 2013, with Casey and Bobby Likely to be at Devonport’s Victory League side along with Brodie Denehey
Cardigan Street has undergone another major overhaul  to try and improve the playing surface which has clearly not copped with the winter conditions in the past few years, whilst the drainage is yet to be tested, I have wondered across the new surface, and I don’t hold particularly high hopes at this stage.
Launceston’s Birch Avenue, which also struggles with the winter rains, was drained a few years back but still battles in patches, but in preparation for this match and the 2913 Hudson Cup, should be in far better nick thanks to a new sprinkler system installed late in 2012.


  1. Ah the one thing we have no control over is the ability of the council to create a playing pitch that will last the season, last year was a little unfair as we had a very wet winter and a late home game rush witch hammered the pitch.This year they have employed one of the coasts best turf companys to get to a stage of being mowed twice before they take it over, we'll wait and see.

  2. Cheers Donk, 2913 should be a massive year at Launy Utd. Hopefully we're all descendants of Methuselah so we can catch a glimpse of the action :)