Sunday, 20 January 2013

Devonport Win Mies Family Cup.

I have not seen or heard anything official from Launceston City regarding the cup, I was not able to attend, but have heard Devonport won the comp by finishing on top of the tournament ladder ahead of Launceston United, Northern Rangers and Launceston City ( Don’t know which order either)
I have also been told they won it without conceding a goal, which would please the Valley Road brains trust I’m sure.
I honestly wanted to publish the results, but I (and assume everyone else) have been offered no official information at all.
Congratulations to Devonport on retaining their title and Launceston City for running a valuable pre season cup.


  1. Ladder:
    Team: W, L, GF, GA, GD, P
    Dev. 3. 0. 6. 0. +6. 9
    United. 2. 1. 3. 3. 0. 6
    Rangers 1. 2. ? ? ? 3
    City. 0. 3. ? ? ? 0

  2. Dev won 1-0 vs rangers, 2-0 vs city and 3-0 vs launy united. that game was pretty much a final as both teams had won there first 2 games. I think launy united won there other games 1-0 and 2-0 and rangers beat city 4-1 in the other game

  3. Results

    Launceston United 2-0 Launceston City
    Devonport City 1-0 Northern Rangers
    Launceston United 1-0 Northern Rangers
    Devonport City 2-0 Launceston City
    Northern Rangers 4-1 Launceston City
    Devonport City 3-0 Launceston United