Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Report from Somersets AGM

After the email i recieved from Somerset asking to attend the AGM to see where and if the club is heading for 2013 my thoughts were gloom. The rumors were flying as all ways in any sport and some of them were sounding bad.
So after turning up and seeing atleast 55 members from the club my thoughts soon changed, Somerset had in presence 5 life members a full commitee and alot of supporters.
Also in attendance were FFT CEO John Boulis and Coaching directer for the N/W Blais Fagon ( i hope that is correct).
The night started with finances and FFT costs, I didn't realise how much it was to run a club for one year,A LOT. John was peppered with alot of questions and answered them with a profesional manner.The one that stuck in my mind was, If you look at the average rego for the year, Around $300. Break it down to the number of training nights and game days you attend and it works out to be about $5 a session in which you cant even buy a tripple cheese burger for.
So maybe at the end of the day rego's are not that bad.
                             John Boulis answering a question from president Nigel Brown last night
Also John spoke highley of the new V Leauge and where it is at and where they hope to be in three years.In FFT's eyes the NPL need to exist to be the feeder of players to the V Leauge. I asked the question about the rumor of a few clubs struggling for numbers and his replie was"We can not really confirm that until the V Leauge teams name their final 20 and hopefully there may be some fall out from that.
I really hope this is true because even he said numbers are bleak at some clubs.
I really feel after the AGM last night,Somerset are in a better position now on and off the feild to what was first thought.Mainly to the hard effort Nigel has put in to rebuild from the top down.
                              Some more of the strong turn out. Plus the standing area was full aswell

As for the Statewide cup game next saturday, YES FFT had named Somerset to play Launceston United on the 9th of Febuary. As both clubs agreed that they were not ready. A time and date is being discussed as we speak.But it has to be played before the end of Feburay to allow FFT to do the next draw.

Sorry for the bad spelling but you get the picture.

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