Monday, 21 January 2013

Northern Rangers to Battle South Hobart at the NTCA.

Ricardo Gugliotti in action for Rangers
against the NTC in a trial match
last week.
Northern Rangers will host South Hobart tomorrow (23rd of Jan) at the NTCA ground in Launceston as the two clubs play two trial matches on the new NTCA grounds.
The first game will be a youth match starting at 11am, with the second a more senior side going head to head at 1pm.
Neither side will be at full strength, but will use the game as a chance to further fine tune their players who are available to play.

Adrian Foot has signed with Devonport
from Ulverstone.
In other trial match news, Devonport have a few games booked in the coming weeks.  On the  2nd of February the strikers will play two matches against Hobart Olympia at Valley Road, a Premier League match at 12:30 and a full blown Victory League hit out at 2:30pm.
Coach Chris McKenna said he would play the best available squad against Olympia across two 45 minute halves. 
“We will play as much like the real stuff as we can, there is no point mucking about anymore, this is a Victory League match after all” said Mckenna.
Strikers will then play Northern Rangers in a Victory League trial match the following weekend kicking off at 5pm also at Valley Road on the 9th of February.
Victory League Squads are required to officially name their squads by the 15th of February.
If your club has any news or info, please feel free to send it though to us.


  1. Never thought I'd see or hear the day a Gugliotti played or trialled elsewhere. Times have changed

    1. And maybe for the better. Ricardo is simply making use of extra training opportunities and getting some match practice but will in all likelihood play with City. Good to see a young bloke that keen. Maybe Luigi could do me a favour though and explain the whole thing in the Examiner, and stop the paranoid amongst us from having a piece of me.

      Rod Fulton

  2. The only thing I'd do with that white shirt is wipe my rear with it!

    1. Rather random? Wouldnt u be better off just using the paper next to the seat?

  3. Somerset numbers are starting to improve, the most notable is the older age of the players coming back into the game, still early days but I'm thinking that we might get into top 4 this year.
    Cost remains a huge obstacle, I suppose for most other clubs too, however having your own facilities can be a tad expensive.
    Work on the pitch looks great, lets hope it holds up all year.