Friday, 4 January 2013

FFT and Northern Rangers to host Archie Thompson at the NTCA.

Football Federation. Tasmania in conjunction with Northern Rangers Football Club will host an appearance of Socceroo and Melbourne Victory star Archie Thompson at the NTCA Ground, Launceston from 12noon on Monday 7 January.  Registered players aged 6 to 16 are welcome to come along and have a kick with Archie and get their Melbourne Victory or Socceroos gear signed.

Archie has made the trip ahead of the Hyundai A-League blockbuster at Aurora Stadium that will see Melbourne Victory play top of league Central Coast Mariners.  The match is on Saturday 12 January at 5.30pm.

Tickets for Tasmania's annual slice of A-League action are still available through Ticketmaster.


  1. Well done Rangers you guys have the best networking channels of anyone in the north by miles

  2. A real fizzer I heard ... minimal kids in attendance ...most of which possibly from ntjsa ranks..poked away under a tree in the back blocks of the ntca. FFT should be embarrassed. This should have been held at Aurora, the actual venue of the game and should have been a great platform to promote the weekend game plus the Victory league - perhaps with reps from Rangers, City and Devonport. Poor form FFT. Lift your game. If this is what football followers have got to look forward to in relation to the promotion of our game and victory league, heaven help us.

  3. We got aobut 3o kids there, which wasnt to bad considering it was only confirmed Friday.

    Lot of negative talk on here at moment, we should be pumping the game up at the moment new league and structures. Good on Ranges for getting involved at such last notice. Why do we have to knock everything.

    Good on FFT as well.


  4. was a decent turn out, and was great to see Archie Thompson getting stuck in and having a kick with the young lads.Everyone in attendance had a good time, and hopefully it can be done again in the future. true it was late notice, but still better than the kids not getting a chance to have a run around with an a-league star. As Eltel said, why knock everything. Its early days in fft's relationship with victory, im sure in the future the promotional work will only get better. to call it a fizzer, especially when you didnt attend yourself and see, seems a little harsh. good on you fft for making the effort, and good on you Archie.

  5. If it is constructive criticism then perhaps we should be grateful ..although I would always like to see names to these imputs so they may be taken more seriously.